Remarkable Women Interview Series: Andrea Turner

Regional Sales Director

133_andrea_turner_aAndrea is a remarkable woman who has built a solid reputation for professionalism and leadership. She offers much wisdom and inspiration as she shares about herself and her professional insights below:

Where do you live and what do you do?

I was born and raised in a small town called Middleway, WV. I have resided in the Berkeley county area for most of my life (although traveling to other states for business in my early 20’s to early 30’s). I currently provide sales, leadership and marketing to a real estate title company headquartered in Winchester, VA for the past 3 years. Since my introduction to Banking at 19, I have had a calling to real estate and have been blessed to have been able to be in a career I enjoy!

I’m sure there are many things important to you in life. What do you care most about outside of typical things like family?

One thing I care about is being recognized for making a difference. It could be in my daily role as mother, wife, friend or team member. When acknowledgement occurs for an accomplishment achieved or someone making note of something they notice that made them a better person, that is what really satisfies me. I like a challenge and more importantly, reaching the goal of beating it.

How do you feel you pursue those things in your life and career?

For me, attitude is the key. I try to see the best in everything, the big picture, the “end-all result.” Most recently, I realized I need to give back more throughout the year than just during the holiday season. I have made a goal to get involved in more substance in 2016. I do a lot of things related to my career,  so I’d like to bring in a more emotional connection and give my time to those who really need it.

When I speak with other women, we all have had our share of business challenges. Some are just unique to just being in business and some because we are women . Can you share about a particular challenge or obstacle you encountered and were able to overcome?

When I began in real estate at the age of 21, living in the VA beach area, it was a “man’s” industry for the most part. I began in the business as a processor for a small brokerage in Norfolk. No experience, no degree in business; I just did it. The leadership there made me feel unimportant, expendable and offered no support. I thought why did I leave my $5.95 an hour banking job? At least they rallied behind me. After about a year I met Rob, an account executive, who saw something more. He introduced me to a larger broker and within 6 months, I was the top producing loan officer and left after 17 years on the management advisory board of that company.

How would you say you grew from it?

I learned from that experience that the “good old boy” networks, the “male owned” companies are no reason not to set your sights on having it all yourself regardless of how old you are. I learned to give people a shot, to never judge based on gender, age or education because without Rob seeing that sparkle in my eye for something more, who knows where I would be now.

I like to leave our readers with something they can apply in their own lives. If you were only asked to give one success tip to help other women succeed what would it be?

A positive attitude, Period.

Are there any resources of your own that you would like to share with our readers?

My first book I bought for myself. “Attitude is Everything” by Keith Harrell.

Remarkable Women Podcast: Angie Dunnigan


Angie is a remarkable woman from West Virginia who works in Winchester, VA as the owner of AKA Media Marketing. She started this blossoming business from home and has watched it grow steadily over the last few years.

Now she enjoys the professional freedom of working with clients all over the country and the personal flexibility of being able to spend more time with her family.

When you listen to Angie, you’ll find her passion for small business contagious. This passion of hers grew while working for 10 years with small business owners in the banking industry and hearing the stories behind how companies got started. Today she enjoys helping small business owners through her own workshops, services, and consults.

During our podcast, Angie shares about the biggest challenge in her professional career – leaving her corporate job in banking to start her own business with just one client. I loved hearing what prompted this transition for her and how she felt so supported by her family. You’ll enjoy listening to what enabled her to be so courageous.

Angie also shares a key success tip for growth that aligns with my values of authentic, consistent connection and personal growth.

Favorite Tools and Resources for Inspiration

A few of Angie’s favorites:

  • Amy Porterfield has a great podcast on Social Media and offers great tips and ideas to grow and market your business.
  • Jesus Calling has been Angie’s favorite book and devotional this year. Angie seeks out inspirational quotes daily, from books like these and online media like Facebook. As much as we live in a digital world, writing ideas and quotes on paper offers many visual reminders and inspiration. Angie and I both love using Post-It Notes for this!
  • Angie has her own ebook coming out next year, a Social Media Guide for Small Business full of insightful knowledge she and her team have gained throughout the years.

I think you’ll find this Podcast with Angie both inspiring and encouraging, especially for any women considering leaving the corporate world and starting their own business.

Connect with Angie

Website: AKA Media Marketing
Facebook: akamediamarketing
Twitter: @_akamedia_

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How To Create Space For Connecting With Other Women


In Daring Greatly, Brene Brown says, “A connection is the energy that exists between two people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they can derive sustenance and strength from that relationship.”

Connection plays a huge role in our daily lives. Connecting with other people even in basic ways makes us happier and more fulfilled. We need others for encouragement, inspiration, and help to go after the big things in life.

Networking is something we all need, but in reality, it is challenging to find the time to make those connections when juggling work, home, after school activities, etc.

I learned very quickly that it was important for me to find ways to make time for relationships even when I felt to busy to do so. I looked for creative, intentional ways to make it happen. Networking can always be improved. It is the “how” to improve that we all seem to be in search for.

Here are 5 tips for creating that much needed space to connect:

Cup of Joe

I like to do quick meetings in the morning to get me fired up! My definition of a quick meeting is 30 minutes in which I make an effort for the 30 minutes to be split 50/50. A productive creative conversation takes place in a friendly place, such as a coffee shop. A coffee shop brings that benefit of discussing the real issues and helps stimulate positive activity.

A Walk to Remember

Schedule 30 minutes of your hour lunch break to take a walk with a someone you want to connect with. It is important to not replace human connection with technology. Underestimating the power of connecting face to face can cost you the best relationships of your life.

Sign Up

I sign up to be on boards and committees which offer another way to connect with some of my clients who are on those same boards and committees. It’s a once a month meeting but also an opportunity to connect and share the benefits of volunteering together. Volunteering is the ultimate expression of human relationships – people acting on behalf of their communities, because of a desire to contribute and help. As a result, volunteers tend to be highly engaged and committed to the outcomes of their work. A person engaged in volunteering benefits from increased self-confidence in their power as an individual to influence change and inspire others. What a great way to connect!


I know. Most days you feel too busy to even take a lunch break. That is most days for me, but you don’t have to feel that way everyday. I don’t like the pressure of several scheduled lunch meetings in one week, but what does work for me is to schedule only one lunch date per week with someone who excites me. It gives me something to look forward to that week.

Pick Up the Phone

Pick four people you want to connect with each month and set aside a designated time each week for a one hour phone call with them. Discuss resources. Offer support. Just talking with someone who understands your objectives and helps you celebrate your wins can be very energizing for the both of you.

I have learned so much with each connection that I have made throughout my years in business. Those relationships have been so important in my life.

So, stop making excuses. Start making the time. Go be with people you care about. Grow your relationships.

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” Habits take time to build, but if you choose to adopt some of these ideas for networking into your daily and weekly routines, you will find that over time, you will have created strong, meaningful connections.

How do you fit in authentic networking into your busy day?

5 Tips to Feel Remarkable

It’s about me, today, doing everything I can to best serve this moment so I can be better the next moment #remarkableself

I am always thinking of ways to improve my quality of life. One of the biggest things I find that helps is when I am feeling remarkable. It ignites an incredible sense of joy within me. It’s so contagious I have an enormous feeling of spreading it to all that is around me.

But I know we don’t always feel remarkable 100% of the time. Life is full of challenges, set-backs, and sometimes negative feedback from others. Those things can get us stuck in a rut if we let them. But I think it is important to see those self-limiting thoughts and beliefs for what they are. Let them go in order to make choices aligned with who you truly are.

You are when you are at your best a creative and compassionate person with unique qualities that make you who you are. Focus on that truth.

Here are 5 tips I’ve found to keep feeling remarkable:

  • Everyday bite off what you can chew and chew it.
  • Be Clear. Be Choosy. Be Consistent. Care.
  • Continually learn as it leads to continuous improvement.
  • View challenges as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.
  • Follow your heart with courageous energy.

Giving ourselves time to think can also create wonders for our overall attitude. Remember, where attention goes, energy flows. Cultivate more of what you want instead of what you don’t.

If your goal is to be remarkable, please understand the best way to do that is to compromise less, not more.

Remarkable Women recognize life’s a balancing act between holding on and letting go. How do you acknowledge your remarkable qualities, especially on days when you are struggling?