Why Seek Out Remarkable Connections Podcast?


Are you feeling in a slump, personally or professionally? We all have days or weeks like this as women.

I think I’ve figured out a secret to overcoming those down moments and pushing towards those big dreams in life: Remarkable Connections!

Listen in on this first Podcast where Sonya Dalrymple interviews me about why I’m so passionate about seeking out Remarkable Connections with other women.

I share four of the most important reasons to make it a priority in your life, as well as what tends to happen to us when we don’t.

I’ve noticed in my own life that I just feel so much stronger with the support of other women behind me. I’m a very confident, goal-oriented person, but just like everyone else, I hit obstacles and glitches in life. During those times, I lean on my friends and colleagues. They offer encouragement or creative ideas to get over the hump.

Because I’ve seen this first hand, I just get so excited to help facilitate these connections for other women. If you’re wondering what the value is for you – especially if you are a busy, driven person by nature and feel like connections are just one more thing to add to your calendar – I hope you will listen in to this Podcast and start to seek out remarkable connections for yourself. This is how we can change the world!

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Remarkable Self

Remarkable Self

Wayne Dyer’s quote, “Our intention creates our reality” immediately resonated with me and is how I gauge my intentions either professionally or personally.

Setting intentions unites us to our values, our character, our aspirations and our beliefs. It is a daily practice to work on oneself. We are always navigating life as we respond to changing circumstances. When setting intentions we allow for space that we need to take a step back and remind ourselves through the ups and downs that we care most about the type of person we want to be. This allows us to stay connected to these deeper qualities that make us who we are, and we will be happier from it.

The more we can stay connected to these deeper qualities that make us who we are, the happier we will be.

It is important for me when setting intentions that they truly reflect both who I want to be and also represent the here and now. I believe it is equally important to focus on your desires in the present moment and not always live in the future.

I also think it is important to share your intentions with others in your life. That has provided a greater sense of accountability for me. You can choose to share your intentions daily, weekly, or monthly for encouragement.

One intention that I personally focused on recently was authenticity. It is important to me that I work on being true to myself and my own desires.

Do you feel you are living authentically? Here are some examples that will help you decide and just might help you connect to yourself a little more.

  • You choose a career path that resonates with you and not one that everyone else believes is best for you.
  • You feel comfortable enough with yourself that you give others permission to be themselves, too.
  • You seek out connections with others who value deep conversations and emotional connection.
  • You keep a positive attitude on life, even in tough situations.
  • You listen more, and talk less. There is much to be learned in silence.

How will you practice setting daily intentions? How can you live more authentically yourself?

January 2016 Remarkable Resources

Here’s this month’s list for you:


People use Pocket to easily save articles, videos and more for later. With Pocket, all of your content goes to one place, so you can view it anytime, on any device. You don’t even need an Internet connection.

I use Pocket when researching for blog content. I save the articles I find, tag them with my subject, and when I am ready to write, I will go back to read the articles I saved. Pocket makes it easy to share an article you love to another friend’s Pocket, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, or email.


Canva is a great tool to easily create beautiful designs + documents. I use Canva for Twitter posts, Facebook posts, blog graphics and Pinterest.

Another great way to use Canva is to design presentations. It has everything you need for a remarkable design.


Whether you are looking to renovate or redecorate, Houzz has everything you need to improve your home. I use Houzz for inspiration. I am very much a visual person so Houzz is perfect for me to look through high-resolution photos of home interiors and exteriors.

You can browse by style, room and location. You can create a remarkablespace of your own by discovering the millions of products they have available to purchase to complete a room of one’s own.

Remarkable Women Podcast: Stacie Berdan

stacie berdanStacie Berdan is a Remarkable Woman, currently residing in Connecticut. She has enjoyed a successful career as a Marketing & Communications Consultant, and now as a speaker and author of 7 books, but defines herself mostly as an Advocate.

Her passion for the positive impacts of globalization on our society and careers is so evident. I loved hearing about her journey and how she came to focus on this area.

During our Podcast, Stacie shares about growing up in a home with 8 children and how her father served as a role model for her to take a path less traveled. You can hear how that choice helped her solidify her belief and confidence in being true to herself – what she was made to do and become. And you’ll be surprised to learn when Stacie decided to take her first position internationally and how that experience in Hong Kong catapulted her entire career!

Stacie is so confident, and yet honest and real – I appreciated her sharing about her struggle in moving back to the US and how leaning on a colleague’s advice and support was the turning point, helping her to stay on board in her company.

Stacie is now an expert in helping people weather the transitions in and out of international experiences, whether in extended travel, study abroad or career roles. She knows what it takes to step into those new roles successfully and how to best utilize those experiences and skill sets. During this global economy age, you will appreciate hearing about which skills she has found to be most critical in working with people from all different cultures and backgrounds.

Her biggest piece of advice , especially for us women, will offer you freedom and focus – listen for it.

Stacie’s latest book will be released this March, but you can visit her website or Amazon to order all her past publications, including her first book, Get Ahead By Going Abroad. If you are planning to travel, study, or work abroad, be sure to read her works as they are an excellent guide to thrive in your experiences.

Favorite Resources

You may be surprised to hear what Stacie turns to most frequently as a resource. I don’t want to spoil it for you! Listen in at the end of our podcast for a source of wisdom for Stacie.

Connect with Stacie

Website: stacieberdan.com
Facebook: StacieBerdanInternationalCareersExpert
Twitter: @StacieBerdan

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Believe You Can

This is your monthly dose of inspiration! Here’s a quote that helped me personally last month, and I thought I would share it in case it could help you, too.

There are times in all of our lives when challenges or obstacles seem bigger than they really are. Sometimes we may get stuck thinking we can’t or just don’t want to do something, even if it’s important.

On days like that, I like to focus on a quote to motivate me – it runs through my mind over and over again.

unnamed (2)

This is a very simple and short one, yet right to the point. When I would think it and read it, the amount of determination that came over me allowed me to push through it to finish the task at hand.

It’s attached as a png file. Click it to download and save it as your desktop wallpaper to remind you that, “Believe You Can, and You’re Halfway There.”

Remarkable Strength


Meet Joy Rahat. Photographer and Owner of All About Emotions. Before Joy was able to live out her passion and creativity through her work, she walked a long journey to discover it.

Joy grew up in a village in Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia. Once older, she moved to a bigger city not fully sure of what she wanted, but knew that education meant freedom. Her parents are doctors, so they wanted her to be a doctor, but Joy felt the desire to be creative. Her parents did not feel that was a good idea yet gave her other suggestions. At this point there had not been one person in her family that pursued creative work.

Joy decided to do Public Administration. Management was part of the job, so that was interesting to Joy at the time. In time Joy became bored with her job. There was a sense of feeling like she was in a frame and she didn’t like that feeling. Joy moved into another position in Marketing/Advertising which opened up the door for her to being creative. What she came quickly to realize was the work she was doing reflected other people’s ideas and not hers, and that was what she was in search for. Most of the work was “planned,” project after project.

It was at this point in her life that her sister invited her to get her Master’s in the US. With no plan Joy suddenly received her green card and had 6 months to make the decision to stay or go. Joy knew this was the opportunity to start her dream. It could be her vision and her voice.

With her husband and son they left for the US. They left behind family, friends and jobs to come to US. They did not know what they would do. When listening to Joy’s story and hearing how they came to the US with a lot of uncertainty, all I could think was how remarkable her strength was to leave all she had ever known to come to a completely new country with no close family around, no friends and no job. That speaks volumes of seeing the strength in your own abilities. You should never underestimate your own resilience!

What I found to be fascinating was when she said to me that this was allowing her the time to really focus on her passion. In what I would think to be complete chaos because of the huge change, came Joy’s passion: Photography.

I asked Joy, why Photography. To create, have freedom, and for it to be her vision. To Joy, photography is not just about a picture; it is an experience, and photography allows her to be able to express herself through her work.

I asked Joy what this transition meant to her, and her remarkable response was that going through the uncertainty gave her the understanding of what makes you happy.

Going through the uncertainty gives you the understanding of what makes you happy.

I also asked Joy what she thought was her biggest lesson to date, and her response was being true to yourself and to always try to be clear on your position. I found her response to be spot on, not just for personal life but for business as well.

Joy’s strength has contributed I believe to her successful photography business where she helps her clients with their Visual Brand Identity. She creates unique concepts to tell their stories through a series of personal branding portraits and videos.

Quote from Joy:

Exist in photographs for your children, yourself, and for the people who love you.

Connect with Joy