January 2016 Remarkable Resources

Here’s this month’s list for you:


People use Pocket to easily save articles, videos and more for later. With Pocket, all of your content goes to one place, so you can view it anytime, on any device. You don’t even need an Internet connection.

I use Pocket when researching for blog content. I save the articles I find, tag them with my subject, and when I am ready to write, I will go back to read the articles I saved. Pocket makes it easy to share an article you love to another friend’s Pocket, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, or email.


Canva is a great tool to easily create beautiful designs + documents. I use Canva for Twitter posts, Facebook posts, blog graphics and Pinterest.

Another great way to use Canva is to design presentations. It has everything you need for a remarkable design.


Whether you are looking to renovate or redecorate, Houzz has everything you need to improve your home. I use Houzz for inspiration. I am very much a visual person so Houzz is perfect for me to look through high-resolution photos of home interiors and exteriors.

You can browse by style, room and location. You can create a remarkablespace of your own by discovering the millions of products they have available to purchase to complete a room of one’s own.

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