February 2016 Remarkable Resources

Here’s this month’s list for you:

Positively Positive

Positively Positive is about optimism and inspiration. About seeing the possibility within each person—and within each day gifted us. It’s about wisdom and how we lift one another up to richer, more fulfilling lives. It’s about tapping into our true nature and capacity.

It is a REMARKABLE newsletter that you MUST sign up for. It is by far my favorite. It naturally resonated with me. Why? Articles on inspiration, living, loving, playing, working and giving – does it get better than that? Best of all, it is all in one place! Positively Positive got it right! I can’t even stand it – GO RIGHT NOW and sign up!


Trello is an online tool for managing projects and personal tasks. This increasingly popular app often inspires the sort of passion usually reserved for consumer apps like Pinterest or Instagram. You can use it for household to-do lists or use it like I do which is for my business. I am able to have all of my resources stored in one place – weekly checklist, social media growth plans, projects. It works best for me because it is so user-friendly.

S.H.E. Summit

The Global Women’s Leadership & Lifestyle Change – this conference unites role models and “brands igniting change” with thousands of influential women. This is the perfect platform for female dreamers and doers to learn how your brand does good for women and engage in your products and initiatives. How could you not love a conference where the mission is to help unleash female potential to change the world?

Do you have suggestions for other Remarkable resources?

Remarkable Women Podcast: Christina Ortiz

When you’re good, you’re world’s good, so take care of yourself. When you’re in your flow, everything else seems to fall into place after that.

christina ortiz

Christina Ortiz is a Remarkable Woman, born and raised in Connecticut. She is married with two children, and works both in her family’s jewelry store as well as in her own business as a Holistic Health Coach.

I enjoyed connecting with Christina and found that we resonated strongly about many things such as working with family and also really making it a priority to take care of yourself.

It’s amazing how many times, our challenges in life end up being the things that shape us most and what we become most passionate about. As you listen to this podcast, you will hear Christina share how her journey with infertility led her to a renewed focus on her health. This is what also inspired her to become a holistic health coach, working especially with women with similar journeys.

Christina is a very positive, uplifting person and encourages us all to live eyes wide open to the many opportunities out there for us each day. I love how she chooses to intentionally see them, express gratitude for them, and expect more to come.

Favorite Resources:

GabbyB.TV – Great source of inspiration and practical information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle
Tip Hero – Helps with recipes and meal planning for the family
David Wolf – Eccentric, interesting info on all areas of our health

Connect with Christina

Email: healthcoachchristinaortiz at gmail.com
Facebook: Christina Ortiz Health Coach

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Remarkable Women Podcast: Celia Berk

The most successful people, and I think the happiest people professionally are innately curious.Celia Berk

Celia BurkeCelia Berk is a Remarkable Woman born and raised in New York, presently residing in Gramercy Park, the neighborhood in the middle of Manhattan with its own private park. Celia has always held a deep love for the City, its people, and the arts.

She has enjoyed a very successful career, currently serving as Chief Talent Officer at Young & Rubicam Group by day and as an award-winning singer by night.

I enjoyed getting to know Celia and hearing how her professional journey evolved. She is a very sharp, talented individual, so it is no wonder that she was able to climb the corporate ladder easily. But what stood out to me was how she was able to pursue her other artistic dreams simultaneously, waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. Many times in life, we feel like we have to put certain dreams on hold. However, Celia reminded me that we can always do something, however small to keep them alive.

Today, Celia manages a full life of corporate days and performance nights, as well as regular involvement with various philanthropic organizations. She enjoys it all, but I love how she said that whenever she hits a wall, she reminds herself that these are just “high-class problems.” It’s a privilege to enjoy such success and acclaim, and any effort involved to achieve and maintain it is worth it!

Professionally, Celia has journeyed through the various challenges that women have faced in the corporate sphere. If this is your world, you will appreciate her advice as you listen to this Podcast. She’s keen to the reality of the nature of work today and how to be intentional about your own growth and advancement.

The nature of work is changing. Pay attention and flex to different styles. Be yourself. There is no need trying to “be a man” because you are in a man’s world. But pay attention to the people you admire (male or female) and try to decode why they are effective.


Listen also for her biggest pet peeve with women – this advice will aid as well!

Artistically, Celia has just released her second album as a “love-letter” to New York! You can find her in April at the Metropolitan Room for four shows as she promotes her album and delights audiences alike.

Connect with Celia

Website: Gramercy Nightingale
LinkedIn: Celia Berk
Twitter: @CeliaBerkMusic
Facebook: Celia Berk Music
Instagram: CeliaBerkMusic

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Connecting to Celebrate

I am celebrating my 40th birthday today! It’s been a great day so far. I am getting asked how it feels to be turning 40, and honestly, I don’t really feel any different! I don’t get any anxiety over getting older. I spend my time focusing on being present as much as I possibly can.

Birthdays, for me, are a time to reflect. I get to think about what is most important to me. Today it was obvious: Connections.

Maintaining close connections brings me great joy. Our accomplishments really total up the older we get. We reflect on where we’ve been and where are going, so it is important to me to celebrate my journey with the people in my life that mean the most to me.

Today was full of unexpected celebrations. The day leading up to the BIG day I got a call from a girlfriend who asked me what my plans were for my birthday, and I said I didn’t have any. She said, “Jennifer it’s your birthday! We have to do something. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, something!” At that point I had no real plans on my birthday day, only weekend plans. So I said, “Sure, let’s do lunch!”

Birthday arrives, and I come into the office greeted with a gift from my staff to my favorite boutique! An hour later a girlfriend brought me a dozen of yellow roses! Meanwhile, I received a text from another girlfriend asking if I had time to meet up for a drink to celebrate.


By this time it was lunch time, and I was off to meet my girlfriend. I was surprised that another girlfriend showed up to celebrate with us as well! The conversation we had was exactly what I needed.

A couple hours later I took off to meet another girlfriend to have a drink and celebrate with more great conversation. My birthday ended by coming home to an amazing husband cooking a special dinner for me with a fire going and a bottle of wine with the best birthday card ever. You nailed it honey!


I went from no real special plans to having the most amazing 40th birthday, and all because of the remarkable connections I have in my life. My whole day was a celebration of connecting!

Birthdays are a fabulous way to stay connected with your friends! When you have close relationships, you cherish them. You appreciate them, and it is good to let them know how important they are to you, especially on their birthday. My friends and loved ones reminded me how remarkable I am, and I am so grateful to them for that! What a memorable day!

Be Remarkable Or Invisible: You Choose

This is your monthly dose of inspiration! Here’s a quote and a simple message that helped me personally last month, and I thought I would share it in case it could help you, too.

I have a great friend and mentor in my life who changes his message on his Google Chat handle everyday. It’s way super cool.

I love them all, but one really stood out for me this past month. It just wasn’t a quick glance and then go back to working. It actually made me stop and think.


It made me think back to just a couple of days when I was second guessing some decisions that I had made and whether I made the right choices. Obviously, it still was not sitting right with me, and I needed a trigger to work through it.

His message was the trigger. It allowed for me to take the time to reflect and feel good about the choices that I made whether they were right or wrong.

Here is what his message under his name read: Be entrepreneurial. 

That’s the path I have chosen, and want to lively boldly into that choice each day.

We all make choices everyday.


Above is another great quote that reminds us of that. It’s attached as a png file. Click here to download, and save it as your desktop wallpaper to remind you that, you have a choice everyday.

You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make a choice. Live out that choice daily.