How To Seek Out Remarkable Connections Podcast

how-to-create-remarkable-connectionsBecause Remarkable Connections are important to me, I am pretty intentional about seeking them out. I make space in my calendar to attend events, meet one-on-one with friends and colleagues, and volunteer in a variety of roles in the community.

Listen in as Sonya Dalrymple interviews me about some of my favorite ways I personally invest in Remarkable Connections.

I’ve learned that a key factor in establishing meaningful connections is to sit back and be an observer first, especially in new situations. I try to listen well and note opportunities for common ground.

During this Podcast I also really speak to the value of social media and connecting digitally with women around the world. We have access to an amazing mix of talented women and can share ideas and resources with each other so easily.

However, there is still such great value in our face-to-face connections, and I share about why it’s still important to make them a priority as well.

Join in and listen today, and please feel free to leave comments below on your own ideas for seeking out remarkable connections with others.

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