Remarkable Women Podcast: Betsy Dewey

betsyBetsy Dewey is a Remarkable Woman from Austin, TX. She has worn many hats throughout her life and currently is a Dream Coach, Violin Teacher, Writer, and Reiki Instructor. She is a homeschool mom to two active boys and works with her husband in their Medicare Accreditation Consulting Business. She is a “Jill of All Trades” for sure!

Betsy and I really connected around the ideas of gratitude and conquering your fears. I had my speech which I was preparing for the Winchester Women, and appreciated her encouragement to take away any pressure and keep it meaningful and wonderful for all. It ended up being a great success!

You’ll enjoy listening to Betsy share about her pursuits, both past and present. She is a passionate person and cares about so many things. She wrote a book, Birthright after her home birth because she cared greatly about educating women on the possibility of home births. She also loves helping women seek entrepreneurial paths.

But overall, these things fall under the umbrella of freedom and liberty, which is what she is most passionate about. She wants to make the world a better place.

She finds inspiration all around her. I think you’ll appreciate hearing what inspires her most!

I loved a quote she mentioned, “The best gift you can give yourself is an adventurous friend.”


Betsy shared many resources throughout our Podcast:

Turn – An AMC show featuring Washington Spies from the Revolutionary War

The Hiding Place – An excellent book by Corrie ten Boom who shares of her survival experience in a Nazi Concentration Camp.

Hands Free Mama – This blog inspires all parents to keep the distractions of technology at bay and focus on fostering deep relationships with our children.

All That You Are – An obscure book by “Mary,” but one that has impacted so many people’s lives.

Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracey – A classic read for any who would like to pursue excellence in business or their personal lives.

Connect With Betsy – Betsy writes articles on many topics from positive thinking, homeschooling, natural living, always offering valuable perspective and resources.

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Do Something Remarkable

I think we all need to remind ourselves of all the remarkable things we are able to do:

  • Start a business
  • Write a book, an article, a song or a poem
  • Volunteer for your favorite charity
  • Adopt or foster a child
  • Invent a new app or product
  • Teach people about healthy living
  • Travel the world
  • Lead a cause in your local community
  • Teach children how to read
  • Become a public speaker
  • Etc.

and you owe it to yourself to go for it.

It you’re not trying, you’re not living. So what is the point in being alive if you don’t at least try?

And when you do, why not try to make it remarkable?

Remarkable Resources for May 2016

life goals mag

This online magazine is all about continuously choosing to work towards being the best versions of ourselves that we can be. It covers a variety of topics for women around personal growth, relationships, and career. I appreciate their clear writing style and inspiration.

mindfulness app

The Mindfulness App

Guided & Silent Meditation – Whether you are just starting out or experienced in meditation, The Mindfulness App will help you to become more present in your life.

fortune mpw

Most Powerful Women Summit

This Fortune Summit is located in California this October. They usually have a powerhouse full of women leaders in both the private and public sectors, including First Lady Michelle Obama, Lucasfilm President Kathy Kennedy, Ivanka Trump, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, among many others. The summit includes both panel-discussions, keynote addresses, and powerful networking opportunities.

Remarkable Mamas



The very fact that you worry about being a good mom means that you already are one – Jodi Picoult

As we approach Mother’s Day, I think about how am I doing as a mother. It’s like a little “check-in.” I realize now at this stage in my life, I don’t obsess over mistakes. I learn & keep moving. There is no “right” way to do things. I embrace my authentic self by openly sharing my feelings (My teenagers just love that…tee hee)

I’ve learned that no matter how perfect my plan is, life gets in the way and has a way to rearrange it. I’ve allowed myself to be more open to the remarkable opportunities that come with change. Routines are awesome, but there will always be things we can’t control. Just let them flow through you.

When I have to make a tough choice, I’ve learned I already have the most-qualified life advice guru – myself! I’ve learned to trust the process.

I’ve learned as a mother that it is important for me to soak up new experiences with my daughters. It makes all of us more dynamic and creative.

A real quick story. My daughter Mackenzie sent me a text with just a link, and at first I was hesitant. But curiosity got the best of me, and so I clicked on in and I watched the video which brought a lot of tears and this overwhelming feeling of joy and validation and thinking to myself, “Yep, you’re doing something right.” It is a remarkable video. Enjoy!

Do you ever do a little “check-in” what have you learned that you would love to share?

Remarkable Women Podcast: Stacey Hudson Padova

Stacey Hudson Padova is a Remarkable Woman living and working in Alexandria, VA. She has built a successful career in the graphic design world, working within a large corporation and even on a Presidential campaign. She owned two design firms over the past 15 years – currently owning Hudson Studio with her husband Fulvio – and has built a very loyal customer base. She has truly enjoyed her career and knows it’s a gift to do what you love.

We had a wonderful, fun interview, finding many similarities and connection points as professional women with similar upbringings.

Stacey grew up in a small town and genuinely cares about people and her local community. I loved hearing how she lives that out daily, making a difference both personally and professionally. One of the projects she supports is Adopt US Kids. She and her son, Jose, whom she adopted at the age of 18 are spokespeople for this fantastic organization.

As women, we can face many challenges throughout our careers. The inherent challenges of working within a demanding, high-caliber design firm were no strangers to Stacey, but I think you’ll appreciate hearing her share mostly about her physical challenges. She’s offered even to be a resource to any women who have personal experience with Trisomy 18 or a gynecologic cancer.

Through it all, though, Stacey remains positive and knows that life and business are what you make of it. She encourages her team and colleagues to focus on that truth. Our attitude impacts and colors everything.

I really loved listening to Stacey’s ideas on how to maintain an effective work/life balance. This is something every professional dreams of and works towards, myself included! Much of it has to do with where she seeks out her inspiration and resources – I was so grateful to hear her ideas! I’m sure you will appreciate them as well.

Connect with Stacey

Stacey is open to connecting with any women via email or social media. You can find her at:


Facebook: hudsonstudiodesign

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