Solo Roadtrips – What I Learned


This past weekend I took a road trip to upstate NY by myself to meet up with some family, and I started off the ride with a great Audiobook. Right off the bat, I heard an amazing sentence, and so I pulled over!

I immediately made a note of it because I did not want to forget it.

“Nothing ever happens until you speak.”

I actually stopped listening to the audiobook, and I think I drove in complete silence for an hour with just my thoughts about that one statement! It was so interesting for me to hear such a clear connection between our spoken words and our actions.

I’ve never had an issue speaking up, so I think that is why that statement resonated so much with me. I know for some it is hard to speak up, whereas for myself it just comes naturally. I’ve been that way since I was a little girl. I believe it has really helped me get to where I am now.

It’s like I finally answered that question that I ask myself, and others ask of me, “How do you do it all?”

Simple. When I speak, I make it happen.

I’ve mentioned before those are my three favorite words. Literally my screen saver on my phone says, “Quit Slackin’, and Make Shit Happen.”


I don’t know about you, but I just love the feeling of accomplishment, so when I see those three words (Make It Happen), I am all over it. It inspires me and gives me the energy to tackle the next thing which is typically something that I have been avoiding.

I love when unexpected things happen that give clarity. The connection between speaking and action was just so profound. It was neat to reflect on why I personally may have had such consistent success because of how often I speak and how committed I am to making things happen.

I have to say that after that quiet time and having that clarity, the amount of energy I had was crazy, and I still had three hours to go!

So what did I do? I rolled down the windows, opened the sunroof, let the sunshine on my face, and I blared the music and sang to every song that came on! There is nothing like having the wind blowing your hair, the sun shining on your face and listening to music you haven’t heard in a long time which makes you think about what you were doing in your life at that time, and then finding yourself laughing and crying and thinking, “What the hell was I thinking?!!” HA!

Well, I just wanted to share about how important it is to have time with yourself like I was able to experience on this trip, and it might not be in the places or spots you would expect. I just realized that I think solo road trips are my thang! I would encourage you to take a solo road trip, download a great audiobook and a great playlist and see where it takes you.

A Remarkable Friendship



Sometimes it’s hard to find the good in life – between challenges in work and health, news media, and complex relationships.

BUT one thing that I have discovered and enjoyed immensely over the last few years is the treasure that a remarkable friendship holds! It’s so good, just in itself – the conversations, fun times, encouragement and support. However, somehow it is like magic – the good seems to multiply into every other facet of life.

Every experience gets to be shared with someone who cheers genuinely from the sideline. Every big decision can be easier to navigate with the wisdom from a confidant with different perspective. And every hardship can be endured when you have someone to walk with you through those tougher times.

These remarkable friendships do not happen overnight. But I’d encourage you to take initiative, seek them out, and take the time to invest in growing them deeply. You will see how good they can make life!

Remarkable Resources for October 2016

hey vina.png

I wanted to share about the importance of friendship.

If you haven’t heard, building a circle of friends makes you happy.

People who see themselves as a leader in their social circle are happier than those who see themselves as outsiders — another reason why actively building relationships instead of waiting for the phone to ring is so important.

It’s also equally important to be a good friend yourself, providing others with as many of the benefits of friendship (infectious happiness, social support, someone to confide in, food in times of crisis) as you can. It feels good to help others, and that only adds to your own happiness.


First, I would like to suggest another book. Friendfluence: The Surprising Way Friends Make Us Who We Are by Carlin Flora’s. Carlin was asked to define “Friendfluence” in an interview by Irene S. Levine Ph.D., and Carlin defined it as “the powerful and often unappreciated role that friends – past and present – play in determining our sense of self and the direction of our lives.”

Certainly many people and circumstances influence our development, but friends are strangely overlooked, considering the key role they play. Take a prominent person’s biography: It’s likely to focus on the subject’s parents, and then, later, on his or her spouse or professional mentors/colleagues. We don’t hear much about the friends who shaped that person’s viewpoints, interests, and values.

We all like to surround ourselves with like-minded people, and most of us do that the old fashioned networking way, so this is why I am excited to share a new way of meeting new people. Check out how these iPhone Apps are taking over the networking scene.

iPhone Social Apps

Shapr: Prepare your thumbs for some more Tinder-like swiping. Similar to Switch in its functionality, Shapr boasts that they have the most relevant people at your fingertips. The app uses algorithms to find like-minded people who will “help you grow.” Once you get a mutual interest, spark a conversation with prominent people in your industry that could one day be your future employer, colleague, and mentor.

Hey! VINA: Calling all the ladies out there! This female-only app helps you find a bestie based on similar career goals and passions. After a six question personality, work, and lifestyle quiz, you can scroll through a diverse set of profiles to find your match. Although it is always important to achieve a work-life balance, gaining a friend in the office is never a bad idea. And a network of empowered, motivated women? Count me in!

Womenetics: WebA+Academy: Womenetics provides high-caliber content, programs and services to accelerate business by advancing women leaders. What I liked about this resource is they offer an online development leadership series. Check it out!

If you come across any amazing resources, I’d love to hear about them and share them with other Remarkable Women and send a shout-out your way for contributing.