Women Who Lead

Did you know that women today occupy just four percent of CEO spots at Fortune 500 companies (according to That begs this question: Why aren’t women more represented in leadership positions? Aside from promotional bias, I think part of the problem is that many women don’t have confidence in their ability to lead. I… Continue reading Women Who Lead


Women Who Mentor

men·tor noun an experienced and trusted adviser. verb advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague) In the purest sense of the word, a mentor is someone who advises others. It comes from the Greek “Mentōr,” the name of the adviser of Telemachus in Homer’s Odyssey. I think every woman should have a mentor. A… Continue reading Women Who Mentor

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Opportunities for the New Year

"The Book is called Opportunity, and its first chapter is New Year's Day." - Edith Lovejoy Pierce We have another new year fast approaching! While each year typically goes out with a bang - with the hustle and bustle of shopping, decorating, hosting guests, and traveling - there is some solace in knowing a respite… Continue reading Opportunities for the New Year

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Remarkable Resources for December 2016

StoryCorps As you gather with family for the holidays, consider setting aside time to capture your legacy by recording your stories. StoryCorps offers a convenient format to interview each other - podcast fashion - save it online, and share it with others. The platform allows you to upload a photo, set tags and categories, and… Continue reading Remarkable Resources for December 2016