Remarkable Resources for December 2016



As you gather with family for the holidays, consider setting aside time to capture your legacy by recording your stories. StoryCorps offers a convenient format to interview each other – podcast fashion – save it online, and share it with others. The platform allows you to upload a photo, set tags and categories, and share out the link.

Cyndy Porter

Cyndy Porter is an image and style expert who really goes deep into how to highlight your best features. She takes into consideration your body shape, personality and favorite style, and offers suggestions on what to improve or how best to incorporate new elements. As you think about the new year, consider hiring her or someone like her in your area to make positive changes in your personal brand – from the inside out.

Book – Recharge

Heidi Hanna is a remarkable woman who specializes in brain health and minimizing stress for optimum performance. She is a notable speaker and advisor to large corporations, and has authored many books, including Recharge – 5 Simple Shifts to Energize Your Life. 

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