Remarkable Women Podcast – Sonya Dalrymple

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Sonya Dalrymple is a Remarkable Woman currently living in Breckenridge, Colorado. She and her family have gypsy blood and have been traveling around the Western US for a few years now, living in the major cities and visiting most of the National Parks. She is an independent consultant with Arbonne, homeschools her three kids, and works with her husband in their business consulting company, giving them the freedom to be location independent. They enjoy the blended life of work and play and always look for ways to get outside to recharge.

Sonya has a passion for helping others and pointing them to the right solutions, be it around business, education, or especially health. She loves helping families make positive changes in their eating habits, and educating them on impacts on their bodies from sugar, dyes, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals which exist in our foods or skincare products.

Arbonne offers a 30 Days to Healthy Living program where she enjoys walking individuals through a plan to eat healthier and support their bodies as they gently detox. She’s seen many lives impacted from simple healthy changes and education about living healthy.

During our podcast, Sonya shares how she tackles the challenge of juggling different roles in the daily grind. We all have busy lives, and need to find ways to recharge – whether it is through exercise, time in nature, or waking up early to prepare emotionally and mentally before the day runs away with us. She tries to carve out regular time each week for herself to do those things, and it makes a difference in her energy and output.

Sonya offers a great piece of advice to remember in our professional and social lives:

Live and Work in Your Strengths

We tend to focus on our weaknesses for some reason, and especially as women, we often compare ourselves to others. Better to honestly embrace our own unique strengths and run with them! Life is more efficient, fun, and meaningful when we do.

Two books she recommends are:

which offer great motivation and inspiration for anyone seeking to go after something new or awesome.

You can contact Sonya on her website at and read more about their family’s adventures at She’d love to hear from you!

Remarkable Women Podcast – Catenya McHenry


Catenya McHenry is a Remarkable Woman born and raised in LA, and working in LA and Alabama. She is a Lifestyle TV host and producer, in addition to being an entrepreneur, inventor, and managing editor at She is a single mom of three kids, and they stay active as a family, running, traveling, and growing her brand, SoleMate Sox.

I was so inspired listening to Catenya share about her career, especially as she told of her journey away from Broadcast news and into Lifestyle Television as well as the challenges she has overcome in creating her Sock Company. She gets to do what she loves now. “I get to tell the stories I want to tell,” she says. She loves highlighting those human-interest stories that don’t typically garner as much attention and especially sharing about real women doing phenomenal things.

Having a great idea is one thing, but watching that idea become a reality takes so much passion and motivation to push through all the inherent obstacles. Catenya learned how to turn an idea – lost socks! –  into an ingenious invention – magnetic socks that stay together in the wash! – into a product she has taken to market – SoleMate Sox. While listening to her share her story, it was apparent that she learned to “Just Keep Going” to make it happen, in spite of all the challenges. I completely resonated!

Catenya’s advice is important for any women trying to do something new or go after a big vision or dream: Decide whether or not you are passionate about that effort. Then if you are, pursue it. It doesn’t matter what people say or think. At the end of the day, nothing will matter unless you have passion for it. Passion is the real fuel that will drive you towards the goal!

Catenya draws much of her inspiration from nature. Even when she is working and just needs a quick break, she will go outside for renewed energy. She also recommends that we as women step back and really make time to know what we love and to do those things. A favorite book she recommends is A Curious Mind, The Secret To A Bigger Life by Brian Grazer.

There are many things in the works for Catenya – a cooking show, a lifestyle show, a new book, and a new line of performance socks and kids socks, SoleMate Mini’s. This woman is full of passion and energy! You can keep up with all her new ventures and also find great style ideas at which also links to all her her social media profiles.

Remarkable Women Podcast – Dr. Marwa Abdelbary


dr-marwaDr. Marwa Abdelbary is a Remarkable Woman from New Jersey. She is co-founder of Tiny Tots Therapy which partners with schools and educators throughout the state to offer allied health care services for kids with special needs. She is a mom of three young kids and is an East-Meets-West kind of woman, being born in the United States to Egyptian immigrant parents.

I thoroughly enjoyed our Podcast and left completely inspired by Dr. Marwa’s passion, conviction and journey. I loved hearing the story of how she and her co-founder saw a need and acted on it. Previously working in the school system, they felt that therapists could be better supported in order to offer more expertise to children and schools. They started Tiny Tots and now have 75+ therapists working for them, offering them the training and support they need to best serve the children and families in New Jersey.

Dr. Marwa cares about many things, personally and professionally. She seeks to bridge the cultural gaps between East and West and focuses on the similarities between the two. She works hard to help parents understand how to really be the best advocate for their child in meeting their educational needs. As a parent herself, she has a newfound genuine conviction about this.

My favorite part of our interview was hearing how Dr. Marwa has recently overcome an ongoing challenge. You will have to listen to her share about how she has come to “own her expertise” and gain that confidence necessary to lead a room full of educational administrators or decision-makers who are typically predominantly “alpha male.” She’s gained some key insights about the way many women are wired to need positive feedback or to shoulder the nurturing burden, but in certain situations, if we can divert those patterns, we can gain much freedom and confidence.

And I will always remember the piece of advice she shared with us:

Three words: Brush It Off.

Chalk it up to a bad day, a bad meeting, a learning experience. But don’t let it linger. The more it lingers, the deeper it gets. Quickly recover, so you can move on and grow from it.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for Dr. Marwa. She is leaning in to really align her talents and passions with the biggest impact she can make in this world. Keep an eye on her. You can visit her company site at, connect with her on LinkedIn or email her directly at drmarwaabdelbary at

Glass Ceiling for Women: Does It Really Exist?


You’ve probably heard of the “glass ceiling” – that elusive obstacle that keeps women from reaching their full potential. In the 1990s, the Glass Ceiling Commission, created by the Civil Rights Act of 1991, defined it as “the invisible barriers that women confront as they approach the top of the corporate hierarchy.”

But that was more than two decades ago, which begs the question: Is the glass ceiling still relevant to society today? After all, you may be thinking, “We have plenty of women in CEO positions these days – and just recently, we were close to electing the first woman president!”

This question has been posed many times before, and time and again, the conclusion is more or less the same: The glass ceiling is intact.

Just look at a poll conducted in late 2016 by The Guardian. When asked whether Hillary Clinton’s presidential nominee status constituted the breaking of the glass ceiling for women, the majority (75 percent) of readers said that it did not.

About: Women’s History presents another example, noting: “The number of women in senior executive positions still lags considerably behind the number of men. A 2008 survey (Reuters, March 2008) showed that 95% of American workers believe that women have made ‘important advances in the workplace over the last 10 years’ but 86% believe that the glass ceiling has not been broken, even if it has been cracked.”

According to popular opinion, we have a ways to go. And as much as I don’t like to admit it, I too believe the glass ceiling continues to be part of our society.

The question now is: How do we break through it once and for all? We’ve come so close, haven’t we?

The Huffington Post suggests that it’s helpful to confront the issue head on, rather than pretend it doesn’t exist: “Acknowledging the obvious – that, despite progress, the glass ceiling is intact – should come as a breath of fresh air. Now we can relax and get back to work.”

I think this makes a lot of sense. It’s simple: We just keep working for the change. Giving up is not an option. We must keep pushing through. Think of this as one more chapter in the women’s rights movement. It’s taken us hundreds of years, as a society, to get to where we are now – the golden age of women’s rights, in my opinion. Just think where we’ll be in another 50 or 100 years! By then, the glass ceiling for women could just be another chapter in the history books.

Looking to strengthen your leadership skills? Take a look at my blog on leadership for women for ideas. I also recommend board seat strategist Jill Griffin, who helps women expand their influence by earning corporate board seats. And is another great resource and job board for women determined to succeed in business.

Remarkable Women Podcast – Kristen Ford


kristen-fordKristen Ford is a Remarkable Woman who recently moved to San Diego from New Jersey. She is the CEO at Insight Data Solutions, which specializes in solving big data business challenges for their clients with their own team of data engineers and data scientists.

Kristen loves her family and seeks to be very involved in her community. As a Rotarian, she supports and participates in projects around homelessness, affordable housing, and health-care initiatives around the world. She also has a neat passion for finding ways to offer under-privileged youth educational opportunities in technology, especially with coding and computer science.

During our interview, Kristen shares about a few challenges she has faced as a business owner. We spoke about the importance of having a partner who aligns with your goals and values and who maintains high standards of mutual respect.

Throughout her career, she’s seen many people seek to climb the corporate ladder and sometimes make compromises in exchange for opportunities. She reminds us, and especially younger women to always stay strong in integrity and inner values. Those things actually allow you future opportunities for the right reasons because others know and trust your character.

Kristen has taken the opportunity of their recent move to San Diego to rebrand their company, adding a special analytics piece to their service offerings in order to really help clients make data-driven decisions. She is also looking to develop a data analysis product that can be readily available to purchase versus customized solutions. I love hearing her desire to also create a program to help train under-privileged youth to learn more about analytics and the back-end of big data.

Kristen is full of resources to share, but The Power of Habit by Charles DuHigg is a fascinating book she has read recently that has shaped her thinking.

Kristen is active on LinkedIn and would love to connect with any women on that platform.


Women Together Are a Force


My sister in law sent me this and I kept reading because we all know that in certain situations, bigger numbers are better.

However, I am a loner a lot and tend to be one fierce chic on my own! In a good way. I like to get things done and drive towards a goal.

So I don’t always necessarily need the numbers, but I do love the energy of the force! When I work together with capable, energetic women, I am totally inspired and motivated.

For the goals you care most about, gather with other women who resonate with the same causes and see what you can accomplish together as a force!

It’s Never Too Late

The title of this video grabbed my attention immediately.

Then as I watched images of people and their ages of acclaimed success, I was actually shocked by the information!

I know for sure I need to be reminded of these things especially when I do not complete my goals in the timeframe I have expected of myself. This video and these individuals inspired me to keep pushing forward on some things I have been avoiding.

It’s never too late. You never know when what you have been working at will finally land a lucky break or take off in exponential ways. Keep doing what you are passionate about. Keep working hard.

And if you have that certain dream tucked away somewhere in your heart but haven’t taken action on it yet, always remember that “it’s never too late” to start. Start today.