5 Levels of Remarkable Connections


I started Remarkable Women because I wanted to create a way to share the power of positive connections with the important women in my life. I’ve seen first hand the incredible things that can happen if you have a supportive network of women, and I want that for the women in my life, like my daughters, my friends, and all of you.

I care deeply about Remarkable Women and giving them the resources they need to connect with each other, because it’s those connections that allow women to blossom and achieve their true potential.

Here is a summary of The 5 Levels of Connection:

  • Level 1: Meet Someone New
  • Level 2: Share a Story
  • Level 3: Get to Know Each Other’s Needs
  • Level 4: Commit to Making Time to Connect
  • Level 5: Support and Connect

The first level of remarkable connections, is to meet one another. To do this, we did a quick icebreaker. This purpose of this activity was to reflect the first level of connection: meeting one another and finding things in common that you have with that other person.

The second level of remarkable connections is to share a story. Storytelling is one of the many ways we can connect with one another on a personal level, and it’s one of the very foundations of human existence. We thrive on stories, and by telling our stories to each other, we can find inspiration to achieve our goals.

The third level of remarkable connections is to get to know each other’s needs. Everyone has needs, and desires, and being honest and upfront about these needs gives the rest of us permission to need, and to share those needs.

The fourth level of remarkable connections is to commit to making time to connect. We are all busy people, with jobs, families, and other responsibilities. We can easily neglect our own need to connect with others; and it’s up to all of us, as a community, to allow space for those connections to happen. It is all too easy to let life get in the way of those connections. Make sure you include time for this level  in your busy schedules, because these connections are the nutrition that feeds our souls to grow as remarkable women.

The fifth level of remarkable connections is to support and connect. By progressing through these 4 levels, we’ve built the necessary foundation to get to level 5: Support Each Other and Connect Other Women. By meeting other women, sharing our stories, committing to those connections, recognizing and sharing our needs, we can support each other and build a community that gives women the physical and emotional space to be remarkable.

Be Remarkable,