Remarkable Gatherings

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I’ve always enjoyed planning get togethers with my girlfriends. While it does take some effort to coordinate, it’s worth it. I was looking for something different to do with my favorite friends, rather than just going out to eat or going to happy hours. I wanted to be able to enjoy a nice evening in my home where we could connect and enjoy good conversation.

That’s when I thought of designing a whole experience for us – where we could get real, laugh, encourage each other and make some great memories.

I enjoyed it so much with my network of friends that I wanted to share the idea with other remarkable women and design this Remarkable Gatherings collection.

4 Boxes To Choose From

Each Remarkable Gathering Box has a unique theme to focus on for the evening. You get to pick one that best suits your group of friends and your goals for the gathering. It will come with step-by-step instructions to help make it a most fun, memorable and meaningful night together!


Remarkable Connections

As we get older it can get harder and harder to meet new people and forge meaningful, lasting relationships with them. And yet, connection is the key to happiness. So how do we, as adults, make meaningful connections and keep them, outside of our usual circles?

With the Remarkable Connections Box you and several other women will enjoy an experience by starting to build and maintain your own tribe of inspiring and supportive women. Connect with supportive and inspiring women and learn how to cultivate your tribe.

Celebrate You

Rewarding yourself is like giving yourself an encouraging boost to be even better. Self reward feels good, and it serves a purpose: you are motivating future hard work, while recognizing the hard work you’ve already completed. Celebrating with others provides a social bonding element that boosts the reward’s impact even more than if you were to celebrate by yourself.

In this Remarkable Gatherings you and four other women enjoy an experience by starting to celebrate your accomplishments to inspire future success and create your own group of cheerleaders. Connect with supportive and inspiring women and learn the importance of celebrating big and small accomplishments.

Always Be a Goal Digger

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about what you want to do in your life? Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I’d love to do _____”? You probably know plenty of other women who are in that boat, too. This Remarkable Gatherings box is for you and four women that you admire to come together for a unique experience that challenges, inspires, and surprise.

Make your future more remarkable than you could ever imagine by coming together with other women to set actionable goals to achieve your dreams.


We bonded in college to help one another get through that time in our lives — it’s just as important to continue that support now. How can we support one another beyond reminiscing over shared experiences? As life gets busy with careers and family, it’s more challenging to prioritize the time to travel and get together with special friends from college. This gives you a reason and makes it easy and fun!

The boxes will contain all the products necessary to guide you through a Remarkable Gathering. After you place your order, keep an eye out for emails that will include the Instructions, an Invitation you can use to invite your friends, and other special ideas for planning your event.

Sell Remarkable Gatherings Boxes In Your Store or Boutique

We distribute these boxes through retail stores. Contact us for prices and orders.

If you have purchased a box from a store or boutique, visit this page to download your special instructions to host a Remarkable Gathering of your own.