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A Remarkable Friendship



Sometimes it’s hard to find the good in life – between challenges in work and health, news media, and complex relationships.

BUT one thing that I have discovered and enjoyed immensely over the last few years is the treasure that a remarkable friendship holds! It’s so good, just in itself – the conversations, fun times, encouragement and support. However, somehow it is like magic – the good seems to multiply into every other facet of life.

Every experience gets to be shared with someone who cheers genuinely from the sideline. Every big decision can be easier to navigate with the wisdom from a confidant with different perspective. And every hardship can be endured when you have someone to walk with you through those tougher times.

These remarkable friendships do not happen overnight. But I’d encourage you to take initiative, seek them out, and take the time to invest in growing them deeply. You will see how good they can make life!

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