Be Your Own Self-Authority

Be Your Own Self Authority

What is “self-authority”? If there was a dictionary definition (and I checked—there isn’t), I think it would say something like: “Being in alignment with your true self.” For me, self-authority is the ability to take charge of my life—to go after my dreams and goals fiercely and confidently.

Earlier this year, I interviewed a woman named Cindy Battino for my Remarkable Women podcast, and she shared her wisdom and experience on being your own self-authority. Cindy is a life coach, speaker, and author who helps people to find happiness in their lives. Her business, Transformational Healing, provides clients with the resources to learn essential relationship and life skills.

Cindy was kind enough to share her own journey with me. She talked about how she realized that she had everything—a house on a huge plot of land with lots of beautiful animals—and yet she still felt she needed more. She stepped back and asked herself: “What am I looking for? Do I really need all this?” What Cindy realized is something I myself have also concluded: If “everything” is still not enough, then maybe we are focusing on the wrong things!

Cindy says there’s a healthy way to go after dreams in life, and it starts with knowing the difference between your real needs and your wants. Once you figure this out, you’re able to know what “enough” really looks like.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Constantly looking around at what everyone else has and comparing ourselves to others. Trying to fill a nameless void with the mysterious “something else.” Wouldn’t it be so much easier to define what is enough, or what equates to happiness, in our own lives? To not worry about what other people have, what they look like, what they think, what they do for a living?

We can all do this! It’s simple: Stop listening to the “white noise” of other people’s judgments, and you’ll become your own self-authority. Decide that you are enough. I promise you’ll be happier, satisfied, and more thankful for it!

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