Beautiful, Remarkable People

the-most-beautiful-people-we-have-known-are-those-who-have-known-defeatThere is no doubt about it. Life is hard. All kinds of daily struggles exist: health, finances, family relationships, natural disasters, etc. Sure, there is a range in degree, but for the most part, I’ve seen that everyone is dealing with SOMETHING.

The amazing thing to me is how different people respond to those struggles. Some complain about the mildest issues, and others shore up their courage and strength to weather the toughest storms.

It’s those people who struggle, dig deep, endure and thrive who are the most beautiful! They are truly remarkable women. Sometimes they don’t even realize how beautiful they are because of it. They inspire us all to step up. To care more deeply and linger a little longer.

If you know someone who’s gone through a personal struggle and come out on the other side, make sure to let them know how remarkable they are. Sometimes we don’t see that in ourselves and need someone else to point it out for us. You could send them a card out of the blue or a thoughtful gift, or just take them out for coffee. But make sure to let them know how beautiful and remarkable they are – from the inside out!

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