Women Together Are a Force


My sister in law sent me this and I kept reading because we all know that in certain situations, bigger numbers are better.

However, I am a loner a lot and tend to be one fierce chic on my own! In a good way. I like to get things done and drive towards a goal.

So I don’t always necessarily need the numbers, but I do love the energy of the force! When I work together with capable, energetic women, I am totally inspired and motivated.

For the goals you care most about, gather with other women who resonate with the same causes and see what you can accomplish together as a force!

Listen and Learn


I am probably more of a talker than a listener, but actually really enjoy listening and learning from others. I tend to get very engaged in a conversation and notice I interrupt occasionally, but not because I am being rude. Most of it is because I am scared I am going to forget what I want to share with them, especially if I feel it is very valuable! I really do have a short memory!

When I leave from a conversation, I do tend to replay some of it to see if I was really bad and not fully listening and letting them finish. It is a goal of mine to be more aware of listening well. When I have been able to do it, there is no question of the amount of information I learn, and I also have a better feeling about our conversation overall.

Some of my favorite conversations, where I feel like I have listened best have been during our Remarkable Women Podcasts. I learn so much from each of our guests! I am always eager to listen well and take notes from their wisdom and experiences.

Opportunities for the New Year


“The Book is called Opportunity, and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.”

– Edith Lovejoy Pierce

We have another new year fast approaching!

While each year typically goes out with a bang – with the hustle and bustle of shopping, decorating, hosting guests, and traveling – there is some solace in knowing a respite is ahead and for many, a clean slate or fresh start with the new year.

Opportunities are around us all the time – even now. But we tend to await them with a more eager expectation when we have fresh eyes to see.

I don’t know about you, but I personally do not like to make New Year’s Resolutions. I am a goal-setter, and I’m continually setting new goals and driving to complete them. I like to see every day as an opportunity to make progress in my goals and achieve great things.

But I know sometimes people need to start a new chapter in their life, and the New Year offers just that. What opportunities would you like to pursue? What changes would you like to see?

Starting New Year’s Day (or even now!), “write” that new adventure with your choices, habits, and goals. Live eyes wide open for those opportunities and do not shrink back from the hard work or belief it takes to step into them boldly.

I look forward to hearing all about the upcoming chapters of your “book.” Keep me posted!

Optimism and Achievement


When a person thinks optimistically, more often than not, those positive thoughts lead to actions which lead to great results.

They have great faith that opportunities will come, obstacles can be overcome, and dreams can indeed come true with great effort.

I have seen that true in my own life as well as in the lives of many of my friends and colleagues. It’s almost like “magic.”

Optimism is a belief as much as it is a habit. Practice it as much as you can and see where it leads!




A Remarkable Friendship



Sometimes it’s hard to find the good in life – between challenges in work and health, news media, and complex relationships.

BUT one thing that I have discovered and enjoyed immensely over the last few years is the treasure that a remarkable friendship holds! It’s so good, just in itself – the conversations, fun times, encouragement and support. However, somehow it is like magic – the good seems to multiply into every other facet of life.

Every experience gets to be shared with someone who cheers genuinely from the sideline. Every big decision can be easier to navigate with the wisdom from a confidant with different perspective. And every hardship can be endured when you have someone to walk with you through those tougher times.

These remarkable friendships do not happen overnight. But I’d encourage you to take initiative, seek them out, and take the time to invest in growing them deeply. You will see how good they can make life!

Attitude Is a Choice

august-quote-imageWe all know that we can’t always control our circumstances.

But what we can always affect is our attitude regarding everything that comes our way.

Our attitude is the most powerful filter and lens to interpret life. I like to try and keep a positive and winning attitude as I approach each day. I practice gratitude and go after challenges as a problem solver. Those choices help me to keep an upbeat focus and really enjoy and appreciate life.

It makes the biggest difference for me.

Don’t Settle

don't settle

Life is often what we make of it. There is never a need to settle. When we do, we take something away from ourselves and from the world.

Of course, it’s easy to get sidetracked by the distractions or overwhelmed by its problems.

But I have found that if we are clear about who we really are and tap into what we are passionate about, we can live into a life full of meaning and impact.

Be Grateful To People Who Make Us Happy

I try to focus on being grateful throughout every single day. It keeps my outlook positive. There are so many wonderful people in my life – those who push and challenge me, who support me and inspire me.

But it’s neat to think about the ones that really make me happy, those that make me smile or laugh out loud. They know to surprise me or just how to keep me in a positive, cheerful mood.

Let’s be grateful to those people who make us happy today. Save this quote as a desktop image for yourself for the month if you’d like!

Do Something Remarkable

I think we all need to remind ourselves of all the remarkable things we are able to do:

  • Start a business
  • Write a book, an article, a song or a poem
  • Volunteer for your favorite charity
  • Adopt or foster a child
  • Invent a new app or product
  • Teach people about healthy living
  • Travel the world
  • Lead a cause in your local community
  • Teach children how to read
  • Become a public speaker
  • Etc.

and you owe it to yourself to go for it.

It you’re not trying, you’re not living. So what is the point in being alive if you don’t at least try?

And when you do, why not try to make it remarkable?

Great Minds Discuss Ideas

I love quotes, and I love resources. I love getting them from other remarkable women in my life and I love to give back. I would like to share a quote and a simple message that helped me personally last month.


I talk a lot about the importance of making remarkable connections and how much value there is within those relationships. In my experience, when I engage in significant deeper conversations, I have come to realize that it creates more meaning in my life and in my relationships. I do this by skipping the small talk. I make time each week whether it is with a close girlfriend, family member or even a colleague to speak with one of those individuals to help me regularly engage in those meaningful discussions.

I know for me I am really appreciative when someone values my time. I think you can have a more meaningful conversation in 20 minutes then an hour.

I also know for me what also helps me connect more naturally is if a person are being real. Every conversation is a connection whether you are in a networking environment or having a cup of coffee with a girlfriend. How do I define “being real”? Being a bit more vulnerable than I’m are use to being. I will instantly feel that connection.

Instinctively we want to bond with others, and we do so through conversations. It’s the “how to” that has impeccable impact on our happiness. Here is a playlist of 7 remarkable TedTalks on the art of meaningful conversations.

Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people – Eleanor Roosevelt