Women Feeling Enough

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Cindy headshot 2This is the second part of our series, “Are You a Fierce Woman?” with Cynthia Battino. Today we focus on the idea of “Women Feeling Enough.” This is so key, so foundational to having a chance at being “fierce.” There’s a healthy way to go after dreams and goals in life, and it starts with knowing what your real needs vs. wants are. It’s a game-changer when you have clarity about this. You’re able to know what enough really looks like.

Cindy is so insightful, and I appreciated her sharing her journey with us. She shared her own story of having a huge house on a huge plot of land with a huge truck and so many animals and still not feeling like it was enough. You’ll have to listen to hear about what finally made her step back and start asking the question, “Do you need all that?”

When we don’t know when “enough” is “enough” in a good way, we are left wondering all the time. We look around and compare to try to measure up. But the measuring stick also changes all the time, so there’s an insecurity or deep void when we look in the mirror and are not sure, and so we just keep trying to fill it up more from things on the outside.

What if we got to decide for ourselves what our “enough” looks like? When our body looks good enough for today? When our career path offers enough value and income? When we have enough good friends? We can stop listening to the “white noise” of other people’s judgments and be our own self-authority.

And then, once we are clear on what our “enough” is – likely a combination of needs and reasonable wants – then we can really experience gratitude – geyser-like gratitude! We are aware and honest enough to acknowledge the effort, the progress, the success, and we can step back and really be thankful.

This is a personal journey that looks different for everyone. But there is great freedom that comes from knowing that no matter what we do, there will always be people who hate us or who do not approve. That’s okay. We can’t make everyone like us. But when we like ourselves……that’s when we feel enough……that’s when we can be fierce.

I hope you get to listen in as you will appreciate Cynthia’s stories, wisdom, and humor, and overall joy. Feel free to connect with her as well at Transformational Healing.


Remarkable Women Podcast – Michelle Perzan

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michelle perzan

Michelle Perzan is a Remarkable Woman from Canada who now lives in Katy, Texas. She is a wife to an amazing husband and a mom of three boys, ages 11, 9, and 6. Michelle recently published a book that shares her story, Strength in My Storm and she speaks regularly around the country.

Michelle inspired me as she shared about her journey with breast cancer. She is a survivor and thriver, and uses her own struggles to encourage others in the middle of their storms. She grew up in a home with incredible parents and entrepreneurs who taught her that she could do anything. But it wasn’t until her experience with cancer that she felt like she realized her true purpose in life and that she could step into it with complete boldness and confidence.

That boldness and confidence didn’t happen overnight, though. It was a journey of realizing that she was meant to share her story with other people to inspire and serve them. With the help of a business coach, she was able to step out of her introversion. She says that when we take ourselves out of the equation, it’s amazing how much we can do. It’s not about us. We aren’t concerned about how we look or sound when our main goal is to help others. It’s about them.

The same is true when you are connecting with anyone who is journeying through cancer. Sometimes we may not know what to say. But Michelle says that as long as we have a genuine heart and interest, the care and intent will be felt. Authentic questions or texts to check-in or just a loving hug or surprise thoughtful gifts make a world of difference to someone going through cancer.

Michelle shares a great success tip with us: Lean on your faith, whatever that looks like. Every day, for every decision. In doing so, you will find the power to get through anything.

You can find Michelle via her website at michelleperzan.com or on LinkedIn, and she will be sharing her story soon on a Podcast with VOW (Voices of Women) radio. She is active in her community and began the GEST Foundation to help others traveling through the hard journey of cancer. Feel free to reach out to her; she’d love to hear from you. 

Remarkable Women Podcast – Cheryl Piper-Snyder

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cheryl 140dpi 23 (1 of 1)Cheryl Piper-Snyder is a Remarkable Women from Waynesboro, PA. She is a business and executive coach, as well as a holistic and HeartMath coach. Her real passion is helping others live whole and full lives, and so her training and experience meets people in whatever realm they are – business or personal –  as she helps them to grow and thrive.

I found it fascinating to learn about the “brain, mind, heart” connection from Cheryl, and how those intangible emotions can be visually tracked and measured. In tracking, we feel like we can better control them instead of just reacting and feeling at a loss. Cheryl helps people get to that state of control, calm and resilience.

She says that one of the biggest challenges in life is when we are in the middle of things that seem to be spinning out of control. It’s important to remember that those experiences are leading us to the “next best thing in our life.” We want to allow ourselves to slow down instead of create such a busy life that we are not able to take that control and find that time of reflection and calm.

In addition to Cheryl’s success tip of “Keep Learning,” I appreciated her encouragement to “Judge Less.” Instead of judging others, we can offer compassion which builds trust and makes communication just easier overall. We don’t do well as humans when we are responding to each other out of fear, and unfortunately, that is what happens when we give off a feeling of judgment. It shuts down any flow, creativity or openness between us.

Cheryl recommends several books and websites:

You can find her speaking as the Keynote at The New Holistic Leaf expo in Maryland this summer. Connect with her on LinkedIn or peruse her websites at Alchemy Holistic Life Coach or ConversationalCocktails.com.

Are You a Fierce Woman?

fierce woman podcast

cindyI’m very excited to introduce our newest series, “What Does It Look Like To Be Fierce?”

Today’s focus is, “Women Being Fierce,” and our special guest is Cynthia Battino, a life coach, speaker, and author who shares her wisdom and experience with us in an honest and fun way. I appreciate her authenticity and humor so much!

This is a Podcast you do not want to miss! As a woman, when was the last time you felt fierce? You know, focused and strong, yet fully-present and kind.

Some women feel this way in a couple areas in their lives; some, unfortunately do not feel this at all. What if you could? What if you were intrepid? What if you were fierce in all areas of life, both personal and business?

Cindy shares her own journey of healing with us and her choice to confront the residue of abuse in her childhood in order to trust herself more, trust others more, and stop the generational dysfunction in her family. Similar to myself, she wanted her own children to have a different story than her own.

She reminds us that our children are always learning from us – by who we show up as, not by what we say to them. If we are miserable, we are teaching them how to be miserable. If we are bitter, we are teaching them bitterness. But on the flipside, what if we could teach them how to be happy, free, fierce….because that’s what we lived out ourselves! That would be amazing!

And it’s possible. Cindy and I want this fierceness, this happiness for every one of our listeners. Fierceness is about our heart. We need to choose to step out of our comfort zones, and walk through that healing journey, not only for ourselves but for the betterment of all those around us.

We are all different as women. Some of us need to complete our fierceness by being more soft…some need to “shore up” and become more structured and grounded in strength. Either way, the journey (albeit ongoing) is worth it!

Cindy has many resources to share with us on this journey, and encourages you to email her at cindy@transform-heal.com for her special list. One book on that list is Embrace Your Magnificence by  Fabienne Fredrickson.

You can also schedule a personal meeting with Cindy either locally or via Skype or purchase her books and Interactive Online program. But you must check out her new Podcast with her husband, “Cindy and Jay Sittin’ In a Tree…” as well as catch us in our next podcast together, “Women Feeling Enough.”

Remarkable Women Podcast – Suzy Teele

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suzy teeleSuzy Teele is a Remarkable Woman from Pittsburgh, PA. She has had a very successful career in the technology and start-up sphere, filling executive, entrepreneurial and advisor roles. She has a passion for helping technology companies grow profitably and particularly enjoys helping women develop their careers by strengthening both their leadership and networking skills.

Suzy is a Pittsburgh native, and has a deep love for her city and community. She’s a self-proclaimed, “nerd-at-heart,” and s is active across the board in both the start-up world, working around healthcare, robotics, and software as well as in the non-profit world. She seeks to share her knowledge and experience with others through volunteer organizations like WELD which helps women develop their careers from a leadership standpoint.

I loved hearing Suzy’s passion and career journey! Her lens on any challenge was purely positive, sharing them as opportunities for herself to grow personally.  She has been able to “grow up” in her career as the technology industry was “growing up” itself, and it was exciting for her to be a part of it all. She says that technology is still an amazing career path for women. There are always jobs available, and they pay well.  

Listen in closely as Suzy shares of how she grew from one particular challenge. It was a struggle for about six months, but she allowed it to shape her positively. She chose to reflect on the situation and then grew her self-confidence and belief. The challenge actually catalyzed future opportunities within her company and also helped launch her into her own business shortly after!

Her success tip flows from this experience and also her extensive involvement in her community: Grow your network. Build your relationships. She says that it will be a defining factor in your career success. She encourages us to seek out activities or workshops in our own communities at least a couple times a month to meet new people. Great idea!

Suzy struck me as a very driven person. She is like me in that we hate to be bored! She loves making an impact in the lives of those around her – her family with six children especially, as well as her Pittsburgh community.

Suzy would love to hear from you. You can visit her consulting company’s site at Aceda or connect with via LinkedIn.

Remarkable Women Podcast – Ria Story

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unnamedRia Story is a Remarkable Woman living near Atlanta, GA. She and her husband are Motivational Speakers and love helping people learn how to communicate and influence others best.

I thoroughly enjoyed our interview, taking away many quotes and nuggets of wisdom. Even just hearing the incredible story of her own personal journey was inspiring. Ria tells of the great courage required to overcome her own fear in sharing about her painful past. But now she can genuinely help others be brave and share their own stories as well. As Less Brown told her, “You have a story to tell, and someone needs to hear your story because only you can help that person.”

Ria is passionate about helping others see and understand the potential they all have inside of them. We all have positions of influence, whether it is in our family, workplace, or social circles. Ria helps people learn different skills in how to gain more influence and use it for the most impact.

Listen in to our Podcast as Ria shares about her greatest challenge actually being just learning to communicate in general. She came to realize that she could be “that” person who started conversations and shared information effectively. I loved hearing about her biggest cheerleader in life.

One of my favorite parts of our conversation was talking about authenticity. We both agreed that it is most freeing to be honest with ourselves and others about our mistakes. Ria shared how that even helps us build influence and credibility with others. “We all have weaknesses. We know it. Others know it. The question is, “Do THEY know that WE know it!’” Too true! There’s strength that comes when we are our authentic selves and don’t cave in to the pressure of conforming to someone else’s ideal.

Ria shared a wonderful success tip for women: Be intentional about your own personal growth and development. I completely agree! It is so important! This will help you gain more leadership and influence with other people. Read books and watch training videos on leadership skills to keep growing.

Ria has just published her latest book, Leadership Gems for Women. You can seek her out as she tours the area for book signings and meet her in person. Or you can connect with her through her website or on LinkedIn.

Here’s a quote from her to leave you with that helped inspire her latest book:

Leaders are like diamonds, formed under pressure. And it’s the pressure that makes you stronger. No two are alike. They are rare. Don’t be afraid to shine bright in areas of strength. Work on weaknesses, most particularly weaknesses in character.

Remarkable Women Podcast – Yahrah St. John

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HeadshotYahrah St. John is a Remarkable Woman living in Orlando, FL. She is an accomplished author of 24 romance novels, both self-published and with Harlequin. She has been writing short stories, plays, and novels since she was twelve years old! Her writing career has complemented her 17 year career in Commercial Property Management to give her a perfect balance of financial freedom and creative pursuits.

I thoroughly enjoyed our interview, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the life and writing process of an author. Yahrah is passionate about her craft and spends a great deal of time, reading, going to book conferences, and networking with other authors to keep her inspiration and standards high. Because of her extensive experience, she is able to get her publishing time from idea to completion down to three months! Incredible!

Yahrah shares about the beginning of her writing journey, when she would spend weekend time with her family, as they were very religious. She began writing about all the things she wanted to do and imagined doing – her “fantasies” – like going to summer camp! This springboarded into a lifetime career of writing romance novels.

Her career has not been without challenges. When her mother passed away, and she was with a new publisher, she had to step back and think about why she had started writing and what she loved about it. She remembered that her mother would say, “Never give up,” and that helped her push through. She also sought out help from friends and colleagues who encouraged her to find a new agent, and she was able to continue writing again.

She recommends to all women that if they are ever in a tough situation, not to be afraid to seek out help from others. She was very grateful for those who came alongside her. She helps others as well, by offering self-publishing advice to help authors who would like to go that route but don’t know how.

Yahrah has a lot going on! She shoots for about 3-4 published books each year, and this year will have a “silver anniversary” with her 25th book coming out!

You can keep up with her latest news, find much inspiration and connect with Yahrah via her website. She has video trailers for many of her books and other video interviews of herself.

Remarkable Women Podcast – Eileen Scully


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Scully Headshot-2123

Eileen Scully is a Remarkable Woman living on the beautiful and peaceful Cape Cod, MA. She is the founder of The Rising Tides, a global consulting firm focused on making the workplace a better environment for women. She is also the publisher of 52feminists.com, a website that features first person narratives from people all over the world who identify as feminists.

We had a wonderful conversation about Eileen’s career journey and the many things she is most passionate about. She has had an extensive career in technology, research, and advisory services and has been able to channel her experience into this new business, helping organizations around the world address relationships among women and helping women accelerate each other’s careers.

There has always been an undercurrent of philanthropy in Eileen’s career, but now that her daughter is grown and flown, she has been able to spend much more time working with foundations she finds rewarding. Since 2010, she’s proudly served on the board of directors for the Get In Touch Foundation which provides free breast health education to girls around the world. This organization is now in all 50 states and growing globally! We spoke about the challenges that all non-profits face, but I was so proud to hear how this one successfully overcame a “passing-of-the-baton” in leadership and continues to thrive.

One of my favorite parts of our interview was hearing Eileen share about the difference between advocate and mentor. A slight nuance, but an entirely different mindshift. Advocates allow for a two way conversation whereas mentors are usually a one-way-street. Eileen recommends that all women seek out a team of advocates whom you trust and respect and who will be brutally honest with you and share helpful feedback. Look outside your own workplace or field. Intentionally nurture and build these relationships well.

It was this team of advocates that has proved most valuable to Eileen as she launched The Rising Tides and also the biggest piece of advice she offers as a success tip. This team can serve as a personal “board of directors.” They will likely be the ones to share new opportunities or connections before you’d hear otherwise.

52feminists.com is a resource Eileen would love to share with others. It’s an inspiring place to read the stories of feminists from all eras and walks of life. A new story is featured each week.

Connect with Eileen

Eileen would love to hear from you! Connect with her via:

Remarkable Women Podcast – Lori Saitz

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.07.35 AMlori saitzLori Saitz is a Remarkable Woman from Arlington, VA. She is a networking strategy coach and speaker, helping “quiet girls” get past their fear of networking so they can find success in their business lives. As a self-proclaimed, “Quiet Girl” herself, she can relate to the challenges and shares practical ways to overcome them. 

Lori is a very passionate and caring person. I could quickly tell that she truly enjoys helping others. One of the things she cares most about is worldwide literacy and education, having volunteered as a pre-GED teacher, adult literacy tutor and 1st grade story teller in the past. She is fueled by the idea: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” She loves helping others pursue their own journey of “coming alive.”

We spoke a lot about a few of the challenges she has been through as an entrepreneur, particularly with her first business, Zen Rabbit Baking Company. Listen as she shares how hurricanes and fatal car accidents impacted her business and life. I see how it has made her stronger and wiser. She knows that there is “no avoiding obstacles. They are just a part of life, and we have to figure out ways around and through them.”

What she learned from all those challenges is that “you just keep going. It’s not over until you say it’s over. Sometimes you need to pivot. Things won’t always go as you expect and you can still survive even when you’re forced to take a detour…or ten!” I appreciated and resonated with her perspective for sure.

It helps to have a very strong belief in what you’re doing and people around you who support you. She had a network of other entrepreneurs and a mentor who helped keep her going forward. We talked a lot about the importance of the support of friends and colleagues. It’s vital to building anything meaningful and getting through those tough times.


Lori is a reader and has many great books as resources to share with us:

Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities and Neale Donald Walsh’s Conversations with God are two of her all-time favorites.

She just finished reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

She also recommends:

Connect with Lori

You can find Lori at

Remarkable Women Podcast – Sonya Dalrymple

sonya-dalrymple-podcastView More: http://photographybyjulie.pass.us/dalyrmple

Sonya Dalrymple is a Remarkable Woman currently living in Breckenridge, Colorado. She and her family have gypsy blood and have been traveling around the Western US for a few years now, living in the major cities and visiting most of the National Parks. She is an independent consultant with Arbonne, homeschools her three kids, and works with her husband in their business consulting company, giving them the freedom to be location independent. They enjoy the blended life of work and play and always look for ways to get outside to recharge.

Sonya has a passion for helping others and pointing them to the right solutions, be it around business, education, or especially health. She loves helping families make positive changes in their eating habits, and educating them on impacts on their bodies from sugar, dyes, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals which exist in our foods or skincare products.

Arbonne offers a 30 Days to Healthy Living program where she enjoys walking individuals through a plan to eat healthier and support their bodies as they gently detox. She’s seen many lives impacted from simple healthy changes and education about living healthy.

During our podcast, Sonya shares how she tackles the challenge of juggling different roles in the daily grind. We all have busy lives, and need to find ways to recharge – whether it is through exercise, time in nature, or waking up early to prepare emotionally and mentally before the day runs away with us. She tries to carve out regular time each week for herself to do those things, and it makes a difference in her energy and output.

Sonya offers a great piece of advice to remember in our professional and social lives:

Live and Work in Your Strengths

We tend to focus on our weaknesses for some reason, and especially as women, we often compare ourselves to others. Better to honestly embrace our own unique strengths and run with them! Life is more efficient, fun, and meaningful when we do.

Two books she recommends are:

which offer great motivation and inspiration for anyone seeking to go after something new or awesome.

You can contact Sonya on her website at sonyadalrymple.com and read more about their family’s adventures at freejourners.com. She’d love to hear from you!