Celebrating Female Entrepreneurs

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I founded Remarkable Women to promote and support women’s successes. I love speaking with women about how to build meaningful connections, pursue their passions, and inspire others. That’s why I do my monthly Remarkable Women podcast celebrating female entrepreneurs from around the world.

Aside from being entrepreneurs, what do these women have in common? Why do I choose to interview them? Because they are all remarkable! My definition of a “remarkable woman” is one who is an encourager – who empowers other women, who is authentic, who is a mentor, and who has the courage to take risks. Now, I don’t think you need all of these traits to be remarkable; in fact, even if you embody just one of these, I think that makes you remarkable.

Let’s revisit some of the female entrepreneurs I’ve spoken with over the past year or two. I’ve included links to their podcasts here so you can listen in and gain insight on their unique stories and careers.

My-Cherie Haley is a remarkable woman from Austin, Texas. She owns a talent consulting agency that focuses on helping children and teens enter the modeling and acting world successfully.

Stacey Podova is a remarkable woman living and working in Alexandria, Virginia. She has built a successful career in the graphic design world, working within both a large corporation and even on a Presidential campaign. She has owned her own firm, Hudson Studios, for over 15 years and has built a very loyal customer base. She has truly enjoyed her career and knows it’s a gift to do what you love.

Tammy Bjelland is a remarkable women who has made the journey from the world of academia into the entrepreneurial space. During our podcast, we talk a lot about pricing and the importance of having confidence in your monetary value. She shares some excellent success tips and sources for her own inspiration.

Angie Dunnigan is a remarkable woman whose small business and marketing is contagious. As the owner of a social media marketing agency, she enjoys helping other small business owners through workshops, services, and consults.

Jamie Jo Braner is a remarkable woman from Breckenridge, Colorado. She runs KIVU Gap Year, a program for high school to college-age students to travel the world, experience different cultures, and develop their faith. She has been married to her husband Andy for 19 years and loves being a mom to their five children, two of whom are adopted from Rwanda.

It’s easy to see now what these women have in common, right? They are strong role models. They are independent business owners pursuing what they love. They are remarkable. Most importantly, they are an inspiration to me, and I hope their stories inspire you, too.

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