Remarkable Women Podcast: Angie Dunnigan

Angie is a remarkable woman from West Virginia who works in Winchester, VA as the owner of AKA Media Marketing. She started this blossoming business from home and has watched it grow steadily over the last few years.

Now she enjoys the professional freedom of working with clients all over the country and the personal flexibility of being able to spend more time with her family.

When you listen to Angie, you’ll find her passion for small business contagious. This passion of hers grew while working for 10 years with small business owners in the banking industry and hearing the stories behind how companies got started. Today she enjoys helping small business owners through her own workshops, services, and consults.

During our podcast, Angie shares about the biggest challenge in her professional career – leaving her corporate job in banking to start her own business with just one client. I loved hearing what prompted this transition for her and how she felt so supported by her family. You’ll enjoy listening to what enabled her to be so courageous.

Angie also shares a key success tip for growth that aligns with my values of authentic, consistent connection and personal growth.

Favorite Tools and Resources for Inspiration

A few of Angie’s favorites:

  • Amy Porterfield has a great podcast on Social Media and offers great tips and ideas to grow and market your business.
  • Jesus Calling has been Angie’s favorite book and devotional this year. Angie seeks out inspirational quotes daily, from books like these and online media like Facebook. As much as we live in a digital world, writing ideas and quotes on paper offers many visual reminders and inspiration. Angie and I both love using Post-It Notes for this!
  • Angie has her own ebook coming out next year, a Social Media Guide for Small Business full of insightful knowledge she and her team have gained throughout the years.

I think you’ll find this Podcast with Angie both inspiring and encouraging, especially for any women considering leaving the corporate world and starting their own business.

Connect with Angie

Website: AKA Media Marketing
Facebook: akamediamarketing
Twitter: @_akamedia_

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