Remarkable Connections Speech

Thank you for attending and participating in our time together to learn about Remarkable Connections!

We learned about how to build connections with others via our 5 Levels of Connections:

  • Level 1: Meet Someone New
  • Level 2: Share a Story
  • Level 3: Get to Know Each Other’s Needs
  • Level 4: Commit to Making Time to Connect
  • Level 5: Support and Connect

The important thing is to be intentional and focused in your interactions. Every day you have the opportunity to create a remarkable connection with the people you meet. Creating that progression in your relationships will enrich your world.

Reviewing Remarkable Connections

If you would like to review the content I presented, you can click here to review the notes and highlights of my speech.

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I would love to hear any questions from our time together as well as any stories of how this way of building connections has worked for you.

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Remarkable Women Custom Bracelet

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— Photo Credit: Joy  Rahat

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