Title Agency Startup

If you are an attorney that would like to extend your existing legal services with real estate offerings, then there are many steps to help you get launched and build a client base.

The Title Agency Startup package provides a streamlined way to get set up and grow your practice. I work with new and seasoned attorneys through a systematic process to help them fulfill and market title insurance services.

This process includes:


All title agencies need to have insurance to be certified and operational. I will work with you to have the appropriate liability protection with the right vendors.


A prerequisite to your appointment as a title agency is to gain certification with the governing bodies of RESPA and CRESPA. We will work through the process steps, requirements and application to ensure your certification.


Your state credentialing appoints you as an agency. We will work together through the various application and requirements to get you appointed. There are many details to ensure you are qualified and licensed to do business.


For your title agency to grow revenue, you must actively market and grow a pipeline of clients from referrals and direct requests for business. We will set up systems, processes and approaches for your agency to gain new business and build an engine for ongoing business.


Your cost structure will be impacted greatly by your efficiency and automation. I will work with you to set up and use systems that will provide a high level of efficiency to fulfill your title work. We will work through vendor selection and implementation of the most suitable software systems for your agency.

Client Services

Your clients will require a high level of trust, engagement and access. Having the right approaches in how you service and respond to client inquiries will be critical for ensuring your business growth. Your internal team member(s) will need training for how to process and close the settlement as well as communicate with the parties involved.

Best Practices Certification

An increasing requirement and demand for quality for your title insurance agency is to be Alta Best Practices certified. Lenders certify title insurance agencies to be able to conduct closings. Having this documentation and certification allows you to do business with lenders that require this level of quality and certification.

There are seven different pillars that are required. I will consult with you to get certified and have proper documentation to be able to conduct closings with all lenders requiring Alta Best Practices.

Next Steps

If you would like to have a discussion for starting up your own title insurance agency, feel free to reach out by filling out the form below:

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