Creating Connections

creating connections

In the beginning, my story of how Remarkable Women came about focused almost entirely on myself – my own pursuit of possibility and inspiration. But this is the point where my journey takes a turn.

After I made my remarkable space, I realized what such a thing could do for the soul. And I experienced a sort of clarity in that I knew I needed to share the concept with other women so they, too, could let possibility into their lives.

Connecting with other people, even in the most basic ways, makes us happier and more fulfilled. We need others for encouragement, inspiration, and to help to go after the big things in life (those possibilities I keep mentioning).

It struck me that I could create spaces – above and beyond my own personal space – for making connections in my daily life, and for helping others to do the same. I began looking for creative, intentional ways to make this happen.

Eventually, creating connections became habit. I would schedule quick chats in coffee shops, take walks on my lunch break, and sign up for volunteer opportunities or committees where I knew I’d be working closely with other women.

Notice that these are all face-to-face experiences. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep that tangible human connection rather than replacing it with something like a text message or email.

There is one exception to this, and that’s the phone call. I found that setting time aside to have a one-hour phone call with someone each week was very gratifying. We discussed resources, offered support to one another, shared our objectives, and celebrated our wins together. Had I not made that conscious effort to make those calls, these rewarding conversations likely would have never taken place.

After several months of creating and nurturing these connections with women, I wanted to share what I learned. I wanted to connect all these remarkable women with one another so they could learn from each other just as I had learned from them. Ultimately, the Remarkable Women project – including this blog, the podcast, and the store – is a result of my drive and determination to make that happen.

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