Creating Your Own Space

Creating Your Own Space

I love to motivate others by inspiring them with the simplicity of an idea and by encouraging them to work on themselves. I think one of the hardest things for people to accept is that you need to “Take of number 1” before number 2, 3 and 4. They will benefit more. I like to remind people of that importance.

We are taught in this society that we put others first, and if we don’t, then we are being selfish. People feel like when they say to one another that they always put their children and husband first. They feel they are a better person for doing that.

I learned at an early age with the help of becoming a mother that the best possible way I could take care my daughter was by taking care of me. I did that by creating my own space.

There are many ways in your daily routine that you already have your own space. It is just being aware that it is there and making an effort to take advantage of it. It is like most things; when you make that effort, it becomes a habit.

I am at a point where I am excited when these opportunities present themselves. The best part is that they occur every single day! I create my own space when I am driving in the car alone, shutting my office door, turning the “do not disturb” on my phone, locking my computer screen, and silencing my phone, exercising in my home, yard work and many more. Most people think it needs to be this enormous amount of time, and it doesn’t.

I even shut my bedroom door to create my own space! The best part of that is that my family calls it my castle. They enjoy giving me a hard time about in a joking way. I am grateful that they know why I do it, and in the process, I am teaching my daughters the importance of that space.

I am so comfortable with myself that I love just being alone. I am sure that is why it is easy for me. I have always preferred to be alone. It does not at all have anything to do with not being social or trusting others. I am a very social person. I simple value my time with myself. It is my space to create. When I create, I find my joy. It also opens up more freedom and change for me.

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