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Remarkable Women Interview Series: Ellen Newhouse

I had the privilege of meeting with Ellen Newhouse, author, speaker, and healer.

I was very interested in the way she connects with people in all facets of life and helps them heal through therapy, acupuncture, and sound healing.

During our interview, she shared about her journey from the fast-paced corporate world to living out her calling helping others to heal.

Ellen has taken the brave step to publish her life story in a memoir, Nothing Ever Goes On Here.

It’s a great listen to learn more about healing and going through the journey. I learned a few things:

  • You have to do the work. It’s a lot of work.
  • You have to align your spirit, emotional and physical being for balance
  • There are stages in the journey of healing to consider that are practical
  • Recognizing the need for healing is not something that is apparent, and it takes courage
  • You can regain power in your life

Ellen is so impressive to listen to and hear the passion and centered aspect of who she is. I learned a lot about myself as well as the complex journey many people can choose to go through. The great thing is that there is a pathway and it takes both courage and a desire to really change your life to make your life great.

You only have one life. Here is one woman that can help you realize the missing parts of your personal self that may need to be looked at. She is a great example of a woman who has dared to step into a public platform and make a difference in many people’s lives. Enjoy.

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