Fear Needs An Attitude Adjustment

I have the most remarkable sister-in-law! She always sends me great articles to read. My favorite part, though is going back and forth discussing them with her! They’re also so amazing that I can’t help but to share them with others, too! I will forward them out to some of my girlfriends and love reading their thoughts and expressions of gratitude.

My absolute favorite is when she sends me quotes. This one was such a perfect encouragement at just the right time. I had been asked to speak at an upcoming women’s networking luncheon. Immediately my heart started to beat fast, and for some reason those negative thoughts of “you can’t do it” flooded all over me.

It was surprising and crazy for me considering I have been doing a lot of personal growth work and thought I was over the whole “fear” thing. I guess that was true until I actually got asked to do something that scared me! Just like that it took me over again. During this little inside personal battle, I received a ding letting me know I had a text.

Here is what it read:

unnamed (1)

I will be speaking at this event in May! I gave my fear that attitude adjustment and am so glad I did!

It feels great to get gifts of inspiration via text, email especially when it is unexpected and perfect in timing. If you ever feel a nudge to reach out and check in or send something to someone, go with it – it is probably just what they need! I’m so grateful my sister-in-law and friends do this for me, and I love doing the same for others.

I added the image of the Italian villa to this quote since my sister-in-law and I share a special connection in our love for Italy. It’s attached as a png file. Click to download and save it as your desktop wallpaper to remind you that, although fear is an unpleasant emotion that can hold us back and keep us from going after our dreams, we all have a choice everyday.

I am choosing to remind myself that, “Fear is just excitement in need of an attitude adjustment.”

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