February 2016 Remarkable Resources

Here’s this month’s list for you:

Positively Positive

Positively Positive is about optimism and inspiration. About seeing the possibility within each person—and within each day gifted us. It’s about wisdom and how we lift one another up to richer, more fulfilling lives. It’s about tapping into our true nature and capacity.

It is a REMARKABLE newsletter that you MUST sign up for. It is by far my favorite. It naturally resonated with me. Why? Articles on inspiration, living, loving, playing, working and giving – does it get better than that? Best of all, it is all in one place! Positively Positive got it right! I can’t even stand it – GO RIGHT NOW and sign up!


Trello is an online tool for managing projects and personal tasks. This increasingly popular app often inspires the sort of passion usually reserved for consumer apps like Pinterest or Instagram. You can use it for household to-do lists or use it like I do which is for my business. I am able to have all of my resources stored in one place – weekly checklist, social media growth plans, projects. It works best for me because it is so user-friendly.

S.H.E. Summit

The Global Women’s Leadership & Lifestyle Change – this conference unites role models and “brands igniting change” with thousands of influential women. This is the perfect platform for female dreamers and doers to learn how your brand does good for women and engage in your products and initiatives. How could you not love a conference where the mission is to help unleash female potential to change the world?

Do you have suggestions for other Remarkable resources?

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