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Finding Things That Restore Your Peace


When it comes to women’s spirituality, balance in life is crucial.

As much as we try to plan ahead and juggle all the balls of business, family, health and relationships, life can still get out of control with unforeseen changes or inherently busy seasons. That’s normal. But when it feels unbalanced, we can often lose a sense of peace and perspective.

There are a few things I’ve learned to do that help me regain that sense of balance and peace.

Take a Trip

I know for me the first thought I have when I am feeling a little overwhelmed or a shift in my mood is that I need to do something to feel refreshed. I need to get away and go on a trip. Most of the time it is just a weekend trip, nothing extravagant, but the minute I think about it, I can feel the excitement, and my mood immediately changes.

Consider going away on a short trip yourself if life is feeling out of sorts. Even just a hotel stay in your own town gets you away from the daily pulls of life and can be very relaxing.

I’ve come to learn how important it is to enjoy “me time”. Giving myself a time out is very important. That is why I don’t feel like it is selfish to take that short trip to treat myself or do whatever it is I want to do in order to be refreshed.

Meaningful Connections

We all talk about it all the time.

Another crucial aspect of our lives are meaningful connections. One of the great joys of our lives is sharing with others and knowing that those others “get” you. When we feel understood, it allows for a remarkable sense of well being.

When life gets out of balance, seek out those friendships that are fulfilling. Schedule a coffee date or long-distance phone call. Be honest about how you are feeling. Good friends tend to always have the perfect thing to say at just the right moment.

Being True To You

Being true to yourself is so important in life to maintain your own peace. It is something that comes very easily for me, but I know for others it can be very difficult.

It is important for me to be very aware of my feelings. I often ask myself, “How does this make you feel?” This question continually pops up in my mind, and so I embrace it. Anytime something comes up whether it is with my girls, husband, work or the committees I am on, if I get a feeling I am unsure of, I ask that question.

That one single, powerful question has allowed for me to stay true to who I am. Others might not like my response or my decision, and I am ok with that because what matters more to me is that I feel good about it. It allows me to stay free and at peace inside.

Speak Your Mind

Which brings me to “speak your mind”. I honestly feel blessed for the woman that I have come to be although my mother will say I have spoken my mind since I was a kid! It is very easy for me. In fact, if I don’t, then I have created these unsettling feelings, and that just drives me nuts because then I go to “fixer” mode. I do have a “light” filter, and I know my boundaries, but I feel so strongly that for a healthy sense of peace and spirituality, you must learn to speak your mind.

If you don’t let go of those negative thoughts, you will rehash and rehash them, and whether or not you want to believe it, it really affects your mood and how you feel physically.

I believe you can speak your mind and do it in away that is effective for your inner peace.

Stop worrying about what others think. They are going to think things whether you speak up or not, so why not do it? The crazy thing is that as soon as they think it, it is gone with another thought about somebody else. You probably think more about it than they do!

So again “speak your mind.” It is SO refreshing!


I will end by sharing something that I do that also helps. I love affirmations. I mean do you not just feel good when you read them? It’s like how we use to feel when we would get the newspaper and go straight to our horoscope.

There are tons of apps to download. I use Unique Daily Affirmations.


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