Gifts She Will Love

gifts she will love

You know what I love? Giving gifts! And not just giving gifts, but giving remarkable gifts that people LOVE to receive. For me, choosing a gift for a friend is a personal challenge that I’ve been working on for years. I challenge myself, time and again, to delight my friends and family. Over time, I’ve honed my wisdom and develop tried-and-true techniques that really work.

Here are four go-to ways you can use to find gifts she will love:

  • Get her something you already know, use, or love. This gives you personal experience and credibility. Share a story as to why you love that particular gift, and why you thought she would as well. If it’s something that suggests an activity – like a set of colored pencils or a yoga mat – try doing the activity together!
  • Choose unique. Skip the mall gifts and the brand names. Instead, find a few custom brands that you love and support those smaller businesses by purchasing your unique gifts for friends from them. Or, find an older treasure at an antique market or vintage store. Your recipient will feel that she received something custom, unique, or rare. Plus, most people also really enjoy supporting local or smaller businesses. It’s a win-win!
  • Create something. The most special gifts are the ones you create yourself. That’s why I began offering customized, remarkable gifts like the Remarkable Women Wall Hangings Collection in my online store. These gifts are meant to inspire and help you remember what is most important in life. In the same vein, you can customize practically anything – a coffee mug, journal, notepad, mouse pad, refrigerator magnet – just as long as it’s something she sees on a daily basis. Every time she looks at your gift, she’ll remember the special thought you put into it.
  • Spend time together. Just being together doing ordinary things can be one of the best gifts. Use this precious time to do all the things she puts on the back burner, like painting her nails or catching up on her favorite TV show. The sky’s the limit when it comes to experiential gifts. Here are just a few of my ideas: Going to the zoo, wine tasting, museums, galleries, concerts, trivia nights, antiquing, and the list goes on. As long as the experience is relaxing and enjoyable, it will be a great gift for your girlfriend.

I just love unique and uplifting gifts. And I know this from experience, because I’ve both given as well as received them. What remarkable gifts have you loved?


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