Great Minds Discuss Ideas

I love quotes, and I love resources. I love getting them from other remarkable women in my life and I love to give back. I would like to share a quote and a simple message that helped me personally last month.


I talk a lot about the importance of making remarkable connections and how much value there is within those relationships. In my experience, when I engage in significant deeper conversations, I have come to realize that it creates more meaning in my life and in my relationships. I do this by skipping the small talk. I make time each week whether it is with a close girlfriend, family member or even a colleague to speak with one of those individuals to help me regularly engage in those meaningful discussions.

I know for me I am really appreciative when someone values my time. I think you can have a more meaningful conversation in 20 minutes then an hour.

I also know for me what also helps me connect more naturally is if a person are being real. Every conversation is a connection whether you are in a networking environment or having a cup of coffee with a girlfriend. How do I define “being real”? Being a bit more vulnerable than I’m are use to being. I will instantly feel that connection.

Instinctively we want to bond with others, and we do so through conversations. It’s the “how to” that has impeccable impact on our happiness. Here is a playlist of 7 remarkable TedTalks on the art of meaningful conversations.

Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people – Eleanor Roosevelt

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