How Remarkable Women Lead

Nurture your greatest asset: YOU

Remarkable Women lead by believing in themselves and their ideas. They tend to have a genuine passion for their interests which is contagious to all those around. You can see it in their bright eyes, confident smile, and even tone of voice.

Remarkable Women also have the courage to ask for help. It allows for them to move forward to completion. When they lead with an open mind, it allows for them to experience new things, which might bring about interesting and exciting opportunities not just for themselves but for others as well.

Remarkable leaders motivate, inspire and persuade others at work by saying the word “you” more than “I”. They know that they need to “Nurture your greatest asset: YOU” Remarkable leaders hold themselves to different standards: empowerment of others, their service and their relationships.

As a Remarkable Woman, here are some other things to keep in mind as you lead:

Celebrate Yourself

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Rewarding yourself is like giving yourself an encouraging boost to be even better. Self reward feels good, and it also serves a purpose: you are motivating future hard work, while recognizing the hard work you’ve already completed. Celebrating with others provides a social and bonding element that boosts the reward’s impact even more than if you were to celebrate by yourself.

Rewarding yourself for completing especially difficult tasks is helpful for inspiring future success. The more you reward yourself, the more your mind will associate difficult undertaking with the feel-good feeling of completion. I believe this to be one of the most important examples you can set for other women to learn and embrace.

Be a Life-Long Learner


Learning and exposing yourself to new things also provides a constant source of excitement. When you develop new skills and learn new things, you gain a huge sense of fulfillment, and others pick up on that.

I think there is great value in enjoying new subject matter which will lead to sparking new ideas and create new experiences so you are continually being challenged in a fun and fascinating way. A Remarkable Woman leads by constantly looking for opportunities to learn new things – big and small.

Be Intentional


Our intention creates our reality – Wayne Dyer

Being intentional connects us to our values, our aspirations, our character and our beliefs. When you are being intentional about setting intentions, it shapes your decision-making and guides your thoughts and actions. When you share your intentions with others, it provides a greater sense of accountability and a great way to inspire and encourage others.

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