How to Communicate and Influence Others

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“You have a story to tell, and someone needs to hear your story because only you can help that person.” This is an inspiring quote by motivational speaker Les Brown, and it’s something he said to a friend of mine named Ria Story. A motivational speaker herself, Ria is a remarkable woman I interviewed earlier this year for my Remarkable Women podcast.

Ria shared many quotes and nuggets of wisdom with me, but the most memorable involved helping people communicate and influence others. She described the great courage it took to overcome her own fear in sharing her painful past.

By pushing through that, Ria learned she could genuinely help others to share their own stories. She realized that she could be “that” person who started conversations and shared information effectively.

Today, Ria helps people from all walks of life to learn the skills that enable them to gain influence and use it for the most impact. We all have positions of influence, whether it is in our family, workplace, or social circles. Ria is passionate about helping others see and understand the potential they all have inside of them.

One of my favorite parts of our conversation was talking about authenticity. We both agreed that it is most freeing to be honest with others (and ourselves) about our mistakes. She believes that doing so actually helps us build influence and credibility with others.

As Ria says, “We all have weaknesses. We know it. Others know it. The question is, ‘Do they know that we know it?’” There’s strength that comes when we are our authentic selves and don’t cave in to the pressure of conforming to someone else’s ideals.

Another success tip Ria shared is to be intentional about your own personal growth and development. This will help you gain more leadership and influence with other people.

Intrigued? If you want to learn more, I encourage you to connect with Ria on LinkedIn. You can also read her latest book, Leadership Gems for Women, in which she shares 30 precious gems of leadership wisdom on characteristics of very successful women—and insight on how you can develop them yourself.

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