How to Nurture Remarkable Relationships Podcast


Good intentions have value when they translate to action. I have learned that it takes a great deal of intentionality in building habits that help nurture my remarkable relationships. Granted, these habits are so fun and meaningful for me, so they do not feel like work at all.

I think you’ll enjoy listening to this Podcast, the 3rd in our series where Sonya Dalrymple interviews me about concrete ways to really nurture your Remarkable Relationships. Ever felt like you met your new BFF but didn’t get together again afterwards? Do you find yourself wondering about so-and-so, but not taking action to reach out? I share several tangible, creative ways to make sure you keep in touch with those that you find most enjoyable and fascinating.

I begin by sharing a few easy, effective ways that you can follow-up with someone you just met.

I also share many fun, out-of-the-box ideas of things you can do together with friends and colleagues, not your typical lunch or coffee dates!

The key is to focus on your motivation. I truly love supporting other women, and so I look for all kinds of opportunities to do that. And I’m so grateful for all of my relationships, that I seek to give back to them daily. It fosters a beautiful cycle of generosity. I find when I give first of my knowledge, network, or even compassion (Love is the Killer App), remarkable relationships grow.

So, listen in, and I hope you’re inspired to reach out to those remarkable relationships in your life. I’d love to hear any other fun ideas you have as well!

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