The Importance of Committing to Your Own Afternoon Retreat


I think most of us are guilty of running around our day-to-day life embracing our perfectionist tendencies and our desire to get it all done.

Lose that way of thinking! Instead, work on cutting out however many things you hate doing out of obligation and commit to creating your own afternoon retreat.

What Can a Retreat Look Like?

I think most of us think a retreat is more of a weekend thing or a once a year thing you do, but for me I have made it a commitment to do it once a week. I picked Monday’s. Why Monday’s? Easy.. it is the day we all talk about how much we don’t like it or how it makes us feel, and I was totally guilty of doing that, so I turned that negative thinking and unwanting, unpleasurable feelings into being excited for Monday’s to happen.

I started by simply thinking about what it is that works really well for me. What I know about myself is that I love to have something to look forward to. I also thought about what is it that I do for me that makes me feel good. Well, that was simple: a massage! And I love a lavender vanilla epsom salt bath. So now I block off that hour for the massage every Monday afternoon on my calendar.

After my massage, I come home and enjoy a lovely dinner. (I have a wonderful husband who understands when I say I need “me time.” So, he cooks for our family on Mondays.) My next treat after dinner is to soak in the bathtub.

I have written blogs and recorded podcasts about how important it is to stay connected with your girlfriends, but I also feel even stronger about cultivating time for you to reconnect with yourself and allow your soul to take in life at its own pace. Your life will not be remembered by what you got done. It will be remembered by how much you embraced each moment in front of you.

Giving ourselves time to think can also create wonders for our overall attitude. I think when you allow this space for yourself, it helps you work towards actually doing the stuff you say you want to do. It allows you to focus on growth not mastery. I have come to learn new things about myself since I have allowed for this time that I have gained a huge sense of fulfillment.

Considerations For Your Own Retreat

Here are just some of my thoughts on what to think about when creating your own personal retreat.

You need to incorporate things that inspire you. I created my own life soundtrack, and I often play it when I am relaxing in the tub.

Or you could create your very own personal mission statement. I think having one will keep you focused, and it also serves as a solid foundation being self-aware and feeling a greater sense of purpose. Now that to me is SO inspiring!

Incorporate Creativity and Color. When you are using your hands, it encourages a state of flow that leads to spontaneous joy and creative thought, so when you put pen to paper, you are better equipped to identify your dreams, passions, fears, and the things that need to change. You can boost your creativity in 2 seconds by gazing at one color which will get those creative juices flowing. Psst… Color me “green”.

The important thing is to prioritize something like this weekly (or even just monthly) and decide on what would be exciting or refreshing to you. Then, schedule it and make it happen! Let me know what you decide and how it goes for you!

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