My Interviewing Process

Thanks for visiting my site. You are seeing this page because I admire the work you have done in the world as a successful woman. I enjoy getting to know women like you and sharing your stories with the world.

I have a format and approach to make it easy to capture a conversation and your thoughts within my interviewing process. I try to be methodical, organized and accommodating to make it easy.

Here is how I would like to work with you to create a wonderful interview experience:

  • I will share out a list of questions I would like to ask you via email. These are more for a framework than literal. But it’s good to have in front of us during our call.
  • I will also provide a call-in number for you with a Google calendar invitation.
  • You will call in, and we can start the dialogue. It will be casual at first, and then we can jump in. The call will be recorded for editing and publishing later.
  • We will conduct the interview. I like to keep the tone full of energy and high impact, but casual as well.
  • We will edit what we talked about.
  • We will make a post on with some comments about our discussion, and I will share this out with you for approval.
  • I will publish our interview with my network and online at large.

If there is anything you would like to include during our time together, feel free to let me know. My goal is to be efficient and have a relaxed and fun time getting to know you. I will do the heavy lifting of creating and publishing our content together.

Thanks for considering the opportunity.

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