Leadership for Women


Do you consider yourself a leader? What about a good leader? You’re probably a leader, in some way, whether you realize it or not. As women, we all have natural leadership abilities; it’s how we tap into and nurture these abilities that makes the difference between simply being a leader and being a great one.

As leadership coach Lolly Daskal notes, “I sometimes find myself having to remind my clients of how powerful they really are, and the ways in which they can exercise that power.”

Do you want to be a great leader? What does great leadership mean to you? Your definition will undoubtedly be different than someone else’s.

For instance, when leading, I think it is important to be focused, passionate, confident, transparent, and inspiring. Meanwhile, Daskal’s leadership superpowers are persuasion, positivity, observation, decisiveness, modesty, tenacity, and insight.

Ask yourself: What attributes do I consider important in leadership for women? Once you have that list, look at each attribute and determine whether you embody it in your life (and how well you do so). Knowing this, you can come up with a plan to improve your performance in each area.

That plan may sound daunting, but it’s really about taking simple, concrete steps in your daily life. For instance, here are some of Daskal’s suggestions for cultivating your leadership growth:

  • Learn from every experience
  • Focus on the collective (understand the value of others)
  • Make it a priority to get along with people
  • Work on communication every day
  • Take on more responsibility
  • Give your personal best

If you still want more guidance, I recommend checking out a talent development firm like Successful Culture, which offers helpful workshops as well as Mastermind leadership groups. My go-to resource is Learning in Bloom, a small learning solutions company in my area that provides customized development courses online. Do a quick Google search and you’ll see that there are so many options out there.

Whichever path you choose for your leadership journey, please remember that it’s just that – a journey! You can’t expect to become a great leader overnight. But with consistent effort and purpose, you will become the leader you want to be.

As Daskal posits, leadership “is earned with hard work and dedication to the craft. It’s a lifelong process, one that we begin again every day. We have to develop from where we are to get to where we want to go.”

What are your thoughts on leadership for women? Are you satisfied with your leadership skills today? What have you done to foster your own leadership growth?

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