Listen and Learn


I am probably more of a talker than a listener, but actually really enjoy listening and learning from others. I tend to get very engaged in a conversation and notice I interrupt occasionally, but not because I am being rude. Most of it is because I am scared I am going to forget what I want to share with them, especially if I feel it is very valuable! I really do have a short memory!

When I leave from a conversation, I do tend to replay some of it to see if I was really bad and not fully listening and letting them finish. It is a goal of mine to be more aware of listening well. When I have been able to do it, there is no question of the amount of information I learn, and I also have a better feeling about our conversation overall.

Some of my favorite conversations, where I feel like I have listened best have been during our Remarkable Women Podcasts. I learn so much from each of our guests! I am always eager to listen well and take notes from their wisdom and experiences.

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