Live and Work In Your Strengths


As you can imagine for a person who runs a website called Remarkable Women, I sure do have the privilege of meeting a lot of remarkable women! But today I want to talk about a good friend (and a former guest on my podcast) who truly lives one of the most unique lives of anyone I know. Her name is Sonya Dalrymple, and she and her family live a largely nomadic existence.

Along with her husband and three kids, Sonya has been traveling around the western United States for a few years now, seeking out new adventures, skills, and relationships along the way. She and her family have lived in the major cities, visited most of the national parks, and enjoy beautiful hikes, trail running, snowboarding, and much more in between.

How cool does that sound? Now, you may be wondering how this lifestyle is even remotely practical. How does the family get by? What about school for the kids?

Well, Sonya offers a great piece of advice to remember in our professional and social lives: “Live and work in your strengths.”

She says that, as women, we tend to focus on our weaknesses and often compare ourselves to others. It’s better to honestly embrace our own unique strengths and run with them—and that’s exactly how Sonya lives her life!

She and her husband own several businesses. In their management consulting company, Don advises owners and executives with strategy and systems to drive revenue, and Sonya helps them set up online marketing platforms to find and grow loyal customers. Their businesses give them the flexibility to enjoy a blended life of work and play, homeschool their kids for a season, and find lots of ways to get outside to recharge.

Sonya has a passion for helping others and pointing them to the right solutions, be it around business, education, adventure, or health. She loves helping families make positive changes in their eating habits, and educating them on the negative impacts of sugar, dyes, and other harmful chemicals in our food and skincare products.

I think Sonya is an amazing resource for anyone seeking to live and work in their strengths—to go after something new and exciting. As she puts it, “Life is more efficient, fun, and meaningful when we do.”

Follow Sonya on her website and read more about their family’s unique adventures at I know she’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Sonya is indeed one Remarkable Woman! She helps change lives and so naturally provides insights and practical paths for people to achieve higher levels of success. So cool to read. Thanks.

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