Loving The Change

liking variety and changeI get asked all the time, “What’s your style?” and it’s a hard question to answer. I like a lot of things, and I’m always changing. And I love it.

If I see a new style, I may try it out. This is true for interior decorating, fashion or anything new that I see. I like trying things on to see how they work.

I know that’s not for everyone, but for me, it keeps me searching out new experiences. It makes me feel fully alive.

I guess that’s part of what life is about in general. We are all on a journey to discover what makes us who we are. And staying on that journey helps us discover what makes us happy or what lines up with our passions.

Ironically, I’ve realized that I’m always changing. I like discovering new things. The process is as much of my own “style” and journey as is finding what sticks. And I’m coming to embrace that part of myself.

Sure, most people like predictability and for things to stay the same. So I can look out of sorts. But that’s where I fit in this world. I bring in the new and help people see possibilities.

Can you relate?

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