Making It Happen

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I’ve talked about how opening up my mind to possibility led me on a new journey in life, and eventually to creating Remarkable Women. Not only that, it led me to create my very own “remarkable space” to nurture my new outlook.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing from that point. I knew by now that I couldn’t just sit in my space and expect good things to happen without movement on my part. Rather than staring blankly at the wall, I took action. I got to work channeling my rush of excitement and purpose into goals.

I decided to make it happen, and to accept no other outcome.

I started by seeking out capable, confident people who could be sounding boards for my ideas – “doers” rather than thinkers. I shared with them, but I also listened to their perspectives.

Secondly, I didn’t rush myself. Inspiration doesn’t happen in a day. So I gave myself the time and energy to find it. Before I began this journey, I felt like I was always getting caught up in everything except what was happening in the moment. Now, I insist on living in the moment.

Next, I made sure to constantly try new things. Whenever an opportunity presented itself – be it advice, a new experience, even something as small as trying a new food – I took it. Why? Because any one of these experiences had the ability to completely change my outlook on some aspect of my life. In turn, this helped me to fully unleash my creativity.

By the same token, I worked hard at developing good habits like determination, courage, and discipline. I also constantly reminded myself to be open no matter what. I would do daily “gut checks” to make sure I was stretching myself and committing to doing something beyond my capabilities.

Finally, one of the most important lessons I learned was that I needed to stop insisting on perfection. I had to let go. I finally concluded that “done” is better than perfect. I found that when I achieved deadlines, I actually gained more clarity. And clarity is golden when it comes to action and results!

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