Part 3: Setting Intentions

Setting Intentions

In relating why I created Remarkable Women, I’ve talked about the power of connecting with women and the benefits of realizing your remarkable self. When I first began this journey, these seemed like tall orders (just as I’m sure they seem daunting to you now).

So, I want to give you a jump-start by passing on the wisdom I’ve gained. In trying to find myself, I found a solution in an unexpected place: A quote by American philosopher Wayne Dyer – “Our intention creates our reality.”

These words immediately resonated with me. I’m always trying to improve my quality of life, and that’s what inspired Remarkable Women in the first place. Working on myself is a daily practice, and setting intentions is an essential part of it.

We are always navigating life as we respond to changing circumstances. When we set intentions, we give ourselves the needed space to step back and realize that, through all the ups and downs, we care most about the type of person we want to be. I know from my own experience that the more we can stay connected to the deeper qualities that make us who we are, the happier we will be.

When setting your intentions, make sure that they reflect both who you want to be and also represent the here and now. The word “intent” may bring to mind the future, but it is equally important to focus on your desires in the present moment.

Setting intentions unites us to our values, our character, our aspirations, and our beliefs. One intention I’ve focused on in the past is authenticity – being true to my own desires and myself.

Your intentions may be similar to this, or they may be very different. They may be specific or general…

Maybe you want to choose a new and more fulfilling career path (even if others don’t approve).

Maybe you want to seek our connections with like-minded people who value the deep conversations that you do.

Maybe you simply want to keep a positive attitude every day, even in challenging situations.

Whatever intentions you set for yourself, I think it is important to share them with others in your life. This will give you a greater sense of encouragement and accountability. Setting and sharing your intentions is the perfect example of what Remarkable Women is all about: finding strength in our connections with others.

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