Why Seek Out Remarkable Connections Podcast?


Are you feeling in a slump, personally or professionally? We all have days or weeks like this as women.

I think I’ve figured out a secret to overcoming those down moments and pushing towards those big dreams in life: Remarkable Connections!

Listen in on this first Podcast where Sonya Dalrymple interviews me about why I’m so passionate about seeking out Remarkable Connections with other women.

I share four of the most important reasons to make it a priority in your life, as well as what tends to happen to us when we don’t.

I’ve noticed in my own life that I just feel so much stronger with the support of other women behind me. I’m a very confident, goal-oriented person, but just like everyone else, I hit obstacles and glitches in life. During those times, I lean on my friends and colleagues. They offer encouragement or creative ideas to get over the hump.

Because I’ve seen this first hand, I just get so excited to help facilitate these connections for other women. If you’re wondering what the value is for you – especially if you are a busy, driven person by nature and feel like connections are just one more thing to add to your calendar – I hope you will listen in to this Podcast and start to seek out remarkable connections for yourself. This is how we can change the world!

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