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Jennifer Myers is a Remarkable Woman living in the beachside community of La Jolla, CA. An author and speaker,  prison consultant and advocate, she co-founded a nonprofit to empower girls and women to make positive choices.

Jennifer’s story leaves a huge impression on all her listeners. Early in a dance/choreography career while living in Chicago, she became involved with a marijuana trafficking organization due to a romantic association. In 2003, as one thing lead to another, she found herself arrested for her involvement, and subsequently served 17 months of her three-year sentence in federal prison.

Jennifer described how this experience opened her eyes. She was shocked to meet so many women, mostly mothers, who were locked up for non-violent crimes. She became determined to speak about this experience and make a difference in the prison system. After her release in 2007, Jennifer worked hard to get back on her feet and began a consulting business to help advise women going into prison for the first time. She also wrote a memoir about her journey, published in 2013, titled Trafficking the Good Life.

Today, Jennifer co-runs her nonprofit, R.I.S.E. To Empower, and continues to consult with women going into prison as she empowers girls and women to make positive choices. She has spoken to youth in schools about her experience and, last year, helped produce the first TEDx inside a men’s prison in San Diego. She also recently spoke at TEDxWilmingtonWomen about reducing recidivism by empowering women inside prison before they are released.

Jennifer’s piece of advice to women is: Turn your adversity into a gift! Stay present to the moment, and give yourself the opportunity to follow the threads that are presented to you in life.

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