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Remarkable Conversations Unfiltered – Jennifer Seven – Changing Lives Through Weight Loss

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Jennifer Seven

Jennifer Seven is a Remarkable Woman living in Ashburn, VA (a suburb of Washington, DC). She owns a weight loss and wellness center and aims to change people’s lives by helping them overcome obesity and diabetes through weight loss.

Jennifer uses the Ideal Protein weight loss method – which was very new to the U.S. when she opened her business in 2010 – along with ElectroSlim treatments to help people affect metabolic changes and reduce their need for medications for a variety of obesity-related conditions.

My favorite part of our interview was hearing Jennifer talk about the heartfelt success stories she hears from clients. Since opening her center, she has seen hundreds of people regain their health. Just a few of these include moms who hated being in family photos and now are happy to be included; people who can travel again and participate in activities like zip-lining; and parents who can now get down on the floor to play with their children or grandchildren.

Jennifer’s one piece of advice to women is: Focus on gratitude. It is so easy to focus on what we don’t have rather than the bounty that we do have. As we focus on the positive, we will bring more abundance and positivity to ourselves.

Jennifer shared an example from her own life about losing nearly everything and becoming depressed after a difficult divorce. She began keeping a gratitude journal, and though it took a lot of time and soul-searching, she continued until she filled the entire book!

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Jennifer would love to hear from you! Connect with her via her website or on Facebook.

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