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image1Madi Still is a Remarkable Woman  – a self-proclaimed “life changer,” she founded Still PREP’n 24-7 to positively restore and empower people to meet their goals in life, business, and health. She is also a leading wellness coach in health and fitness, sustaining more than a quarter of a million dollars in business per year.

One of the most memorable parts of the interview was when Madi shared the loss of her first child at just two days old. She describes the crippling pain and how she was able to confront it and eventually allow herself to heal. Madi channeled that pain into two newfound passions: health and fitness and inspirational speaking. She said, “When we don’t confront the pain, it cripples us in so many other areas of our lives.”

Today, Madi is happily married, a mom to an eight-year-old son and living outside of Philadelphia, PA. She shares her powerful story and inspires women through trainings and public speaking at local business events, including her first appearance on the TEDx stage. She is also currently writing her first book, an autobiography and guide to being a modern “MomPreneur.”

Madi’s deep desire to impact as many lives as possible is what continues to drive her everyday. Her one piece of advice to women is: Know your truth and share it, because there’s power in vulnerability.

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