Be Remarkable Or Invisible: You Choose

This is your monthly dose of inspiration! Here’s a quote and a simple message that helped me personally last month, and I thought I would share it in case it could help you, too.

I have a great friend and mentor in my life who changes his message on his Google Chat handle everyday. It’s way super cool.

I love them all, but one really stood out for me this past month. It just wasn’t a quick glance and then go back to working. It actually made me stop and think.


It made me think back to just a couple of days when I was second guessing some decisions that I had made and whether I made the right choices. Obviously, it still was not sitting right with me, and I needed a trigger to work through it.

His message was the trigger. It allowed for me to take the time to reflect and feel good about the choices that I made whether they were right or wrong.

Here is what his message under his name read: Be entrepreneurial. 

That’s the path I have chosen, and want to lively boldly into that choice each day.

We all make choices everyday.


Above is another great quote that reminds us of that. It’s attached as a png file. Click here to download, and save it as your desktop wallpaper to remind you that, you have a choice everyday.

You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make a choice. Live out that choice daily.

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