Remarkable Resources for November 2016

Here are a few articles and resources for you to enjoy as we head into the last couple months of the year!



This blog was on Forbes Top 100 Websites. It is a remarkable career blog by author Alexandra Levit who writes about the wisdom on all things work. Here are a couple of her posts that particularly resonated with me.

  • GenXers Will Have the Best Careers of Anyone – Loved this!  I am a GenXer and felt like the Millennials have gotten all the press! It is nice to see articles and blogs on others instead of the overload on Millennials.
  • Productivity Experiments You Always Wanted to Try – The topic fascinated me. We would all like to be productive and see the greatest rewards for our efforts. But sometimes, working harder and longer is not always the answer. This article offered great research to back up why we should continue to make time for the other aspects of life that are important to us – relationships, rest, creativity, etc. – and how in doing so, our work and careers benefit.
  • Workplace Realities Women Will Face in 2040 – Such an interesting topic to consider as shifts continue to evolve and we think about the lifestyle and careers our daughters will likely experience.

‘Tis the Season

It is hard to believe that the Holiday Season is upon us! There are many resources available online and at stores to help you prepare and decorate for every event and occasion. I think it’s a fun and special time to be intentional about connecting with family and friends, and an opportunity to reflect and really be present in a typically busy or stressful season.

Here are a few fun resources I have come across, and I’ll be sure to keep posting others on social media as I come across them.



What Your Christmas Lights Say About You – This entire article is interesting to review and see if it matches up with your personality. It explains what you may be like based on your choices for Christmas Tree lights!


This is a fantastic list of ideas to make December memorable. You can pick one to do each day or use this as a catalyst to make your own list. Include your children, neighbors, or friends. Start some new remarkable relationships or remarkable traditions! It’s the best time of year to do it!

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