Remarkable Resources for September 2016



Leadership Coaching

Women’s Leadership Coaching – I think it would be awesome to make it a goal for next year to get with a group of 4 other colleagues and sign up for their year long leadership webinars. You could pick 3 other women you are trying to get to know better or potentially do business together or get with women in your life who you go networking with.

Great App

Ultabit, llc – Whether you want daily inspirational quotes, daily yoga quotes, daily fitness quotes, Sounds to help you relax or help you sleep, this company created all these remarkable apps. Look them up and find what resonates with you! Don’t forget to email a girlfriend or client and tell them about it. It’s always nice to share great things!


eWomenNetwork, Inc. is widely recognized as the Premier Women’s Business Network in North America. They have a dynamic and diversified culture that celebrates the brilliance of women entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals. They produce the largest 4-day International Women’s Business Conference & Expo in North America Annually. It’s worth going on to their website and checking out “How it Works.”

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