Remarkable Resources for June


Here are some recent online finds that I have benefitted from:


Respoken celebrates women with an abundance of happiness and positivity. Respoken strongly encourages women to rise up as leaders and captivate the world’s attention by the power of their beautiful testimonies. I enjoy reading their articles around beauty, fashion, and life.


This TEDTalk is a favorite for everyone. It’s one not to miss and even re-watch. Amy Cuddy shares how “Your body language shapes who you are.” It will make you think about your own posture and its connection to your impact and success.


Instead of long group texts that may not work across all devices and carriers you are able to chat, you can use the GroupMe app and send photos and make plans all within a single chatroom.

Girl’s night has never been easier to plan! As an added bonus since it works over wifi you can use it when you’re traveling abroad to check in with family


The Virginia Women’s Business Conference is a great opportunity to discover new tools for success and network with other women in the community.

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