Remarkable Self

Remarkable Self

Wayne Dyer’s quote, “Our intention creates our reality” immediately resonated with me and is how I gauge my intentions either professionally or personally.

Setting intentions unites us to our values, our character, our aspirations and our beliefs. It is a daily practice to work on oneself. We are always navigating life as we respond to changing circumstances. When setting intentions we allow for space that we need to take a step back and remind ourselves through the ups and downs that we care most about the type of person we want to be. This allows us to stay connected to these deeper qualities that make us who we are, and we will be happier from it.

The more we can stay connected to these deeper qualities that make us who we are, the happier we will be.

It is important for me when setting intentions that they truly reflect both who I want to be and also represent the here and now. I believe it is equally important to focus on your desires in the present moment and not always live in the future.

I also think it is important to share your intentions with others in your life. That has provided a greater sense of accountability for me. You can choose to share your intentions daily, weekly, or monthly for encouragement.

One intention that I personally focused on recently was authenticity. It is important to me that I work on being true to myself and my own desires.

Do you feel you are living authentically? Here are some examples that will help you decide and just might help you connect to yourself a little more.

  • You choose a career path that resonates with you and not one that everyone else believes is best for you.
  • You feel comfortable enough with yourself that you give others permission to be themselves, too.
  • You seek out connections with others who value deep conversations and emotional connection.
  • You keep a positive attitude on life, even in tough situations.
  • You listen more, and talk less. There is much to be learned in silence.

How will you practice setting daily intentions? How can you live more authentically yourself?

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