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make your own sanctuary

I always find it fascinating when I am in my office working and am either emailing or talking to someone in another state or town. I often wonder, “What does their work space look like?”

Does it reflect the type of person they are? Do they even have an opportunity to have that flexibility to design that space for themselves in their work environment? Do they realize the importance of how much a great space could impact their mood or their work performance?

office space

I know for me it is very important to feel comfortable in my work space. I am at work well over 40 hours a week, so it needs to be a place that I want to come to everyday. If my morning hasn’t started off just right, and I know I have a long day at work, I want the space that I created to help overcome the setback.

I do this by hanging my favorite quotes on my walls. One of the most special days in my life was when I got married to my husband and loved spending the day with all of our family, so I have wedding photos hanging in my office. The color of my walls are a calm, crisp light cream, so it feels inviting. This is why I cover it with everything that reflects who I am. In the same way, you must make that space belong to you. Your favorite colors, memories, and unique style.


It is just as important to me to create my own personal space in my home. Your space could be an entire room or a section of a room – your corner of calmness. Choose an area that others won’t be walking through. I prefer natural light and a window with a view. I mentioned above it is important that I feel comfortable, so make the space you create feel comfy.

Design your area with an object that means something to you. Choose the right accents. You do not want to clutter your space. You want your space to feel open. This will allow for you to be open for new things to be created. Include a plant that will freshen the air and brighten your mood.

If you are wanting to create a remarkable space for yourself or looking for a great place to get inspiration, you can search and see design layouts such as this one and purchase the accents that are highlighted.

There is something we all need, a place where we can let our imaginations run wild.”

I would love for you to share a picture of your space with me. Tweet me a picture!

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